can you send messages on okcupid without paying?

For free, you can search and view complete profiles and communicate with other members, which is hard to find among free online dating subscriptions. If you’re looking to get more attention on OKCupid, however, paid subscriptions are available.

How To Message Someone In OkCupid

Is there a way to see who likes you on OkCupid without paying?

Ironically, free users of OkCupid don’t see who likes them – just that they’ve received likes. Ironically, free users of OkCupid don’t see who likes them – just that they’ve received likes. I personally think that first messages are much more potentially powerful than likes.

They are probably bots. Hazel is paid by okcupid to give out fake likes. No. Other sites do it, and okcupid keeps inching closer to a hookup site, if it isn’t one already.

You may also want to reset your passes (you can do so from your settings page under Privacy) to take another look at people you’ve passed on. If you’ve done both of these, and you’re still not seeing many people, it unfortunately sounds like we may not have many members in your area who match what you’re looking for.

Yes, you do have to Like someone to send them a message. We want conversations to be only between people who are interested in each other, so you have to Like someone before messaging them.

Can you tell if someone read your message on OkCupid?

Read Receipts is one of the most popular features of our paid memberships, and we want to give more of our members the chance to use them! You can choose which conversation you’d like to use each Read Receipt for, and you’ll be able to see when your last message has been read within that conversation.

OkCupid always displays profiles the same way whether they’re paying subscribers or not. Note, however, that there is no OkCupid feature (free or paid) which lets you hide your “Online Now” or “Last Online” status.

The profile summaries include the main profile photo, the users first name, age, their city, and a match percentage. If you see a green dot on a profile (or a green circle around an ) that indicates the person is currently online and using OkCupid.

9 Questions To Ask Your OkCupid Match To Get You Bonding Offline ASAP

  • “If Your Pet Was A Human, What Job Would They Have?”
  • “Totally Late To The Podcast Party — Do You Have Any Recs?”
  • “Your Pics Of The Grand Canyon Look Amazing!
  • “I Cannot Stop Watching ‘Unbelievable’ on Netflix, Have You Seen It Yet?”
  • Heads up, daters. OKCupid is quietly doing away with a major feature: the ability to see who has visited your profile. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view. On the one hand, you can now creep on people—perhaps a colleague or a former flame you spot on the service—without them finding out.

    Our privacy policy states that we delete accounts if they’ve been inactive for more than two years (that’s no logins at all).

    Limit new conversations to 15 per 24 hr span and suddenly guys are not as capable of spamming female users for hooking up and other similar behaviors. This means a woman’s inbox is not longer as flooded with messages of users she’ll never respond to.

    What does it mean when a conversation disappears on OkCupid?

    From an OKCupid moderator: “When someone deletes or disables their account, or blocks or hides your profile, or is removed from the site, then your conversation with them will disappear from your inbox and their profile will no longer show up on the site.”

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