Can you reactivate a deleted Kik account?

You can reactivate your account by signing back in. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can always reset it, as long as you have access to the email that’s registered to your account. To temporarily deactivate your account, you must have access to the email registered to your Kik.

How to Recover Kik Account | Kik Messenger 2021

Can you reactivate a deleted Kik account?

This is a last resort when you really want to be safe by removing all traces from the platform, making it completely unrecoverable by anyone but yourself at a later time. To do so there are two steps you should follow: first you have to open your profile > tap “profile” > press “more actions” > select “delete”. Confirm and on the next screen enter your password in order to confirm or enter it again in case you make a mistake. This will remove everything related to your username but leave it reserved for other users while also blocking your IP address from accessing Kik again. In order for this procedure to work, one must not have used the same username on other platforms and must use a different email address.

There are plenty of cases where users have been able to get their account reinstated after being banned or if they simply want to try again, there are still more than enough non-spamming opportunities on the platform today. As long as a user has not violated Kik’s terms and conditions in any way since the ban and meets our new minimum age requirement of 13 years old regardless of location, he can start using Kiks again right away.

If you have been using the platform for a while, chances are that you already know the in’s and out’s of how it all works. In other cases it is advisable to make sure you don’t forget any profile information by taking a screenshot of everything or even copying your password somewhere so that you can reactivate your account in case something goes wrong. Before making any decisions about whether or not deleting an account was the right choice, there are some strategies users can try first.

Long answer: Yes, You Can… But it very much depends on your situation. In general, there are two types of people who ask themselves this question: 1) People who want to recover their account because they accidently deleted it and 2) People who regret having done that because they didn’t expect to be able to recover it so easily.

The first group is pretty straightforward: if you have accidently deleted your account while using Kik or during some sort of update without realizing what was going on, then you can most probably make it back to life. This is because all of your data are still stored in the database and everything is still there, just voila!

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