Can we override default method of interface?

A class can override a default interface method and call the original method by using super , keeping it nicely in line with calling a super method from an extended class. But there is one catch, you need to put the name of the interface before calling super this is necessary even if only one interface is added.

Interfaces are a key component of object-oriented programming and an important part of the application development process. For developers, having the ability to override the default methods of an interface can be a powerful tool. Overriding the default behavior of an interface can allow developers to customize an application to meet their specific needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of overriding the default methods of an interface and discuss the potential benefits of doing so. We’ll also look at some of the challenges that developers may face when attempting to override the default behavior of an interface. Finally, we’ll discuss the various approaches that developers can take when considering how to override the default behavior of an interface. By the end of this blog post, readers should have a better understanding of the concept of overriding interface defaults and how it can be used to create highly customized applications.

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Can we override default method of interface in Java
Yes, it is possible to override the default method of an interface in Java. This is made possible by the use of the default keyword in the interface’s method signature. By using the default keyword, an interface can provide an implementation of a method that can be inherited by all implementing classes. As such, an implementing class can override the default method to provide its own implementation and behavior. This approach is beneficial since it allows for the addition of new methods to interfaces without requiring all implementing classes to provide an implementation for the new method. Additionally, the use of the default keyword allows for the addition of new features to existing interfaces without breaking existing code.
Can we override static method of interface
The answer to the question of whether it is possible to override a static method of an interface is yes. This is because a static method can be overridden in a subclass. When a static method is overridden, the superclass method is not invoked, meaning that the exact logic of the static method in the subclass is the one that is executed. Furthermore, static methods can be overloaded in a class, meaning that a subclass can have multiple static methods with the same name but different parameters. This allows for flexibility when overriding static methods in a subclass, as the subclass can have different implementations depending on the parameters of the static method.
How to call default method of interface without implementation
In Java, interfaces are powerful tools that allow us to define a set of methods that must be implemented by any class that implements the interface. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to call the default method of an interface without having to implement the interface in the class. This can be accomplished using the interface’s name and the dot operator to identify the method. For example, if the interface is called MyInterface, the following code can be used to call the default method without implementing the interface: MyInterface.defaultMethod(). It is important to note that this technique will only work for interfaces that include a default method; for all other interfaces, the method must be implemented in the class.
Can we override a default method?

In Java, overriding the default method is not required. When only one interface is used in a program, only one default method is used at a time, so overriding is not necessary as demonstrated by the following program: Java Sep 29, 2022.

Can we override default and static methods in interface?

Interfaces include static methods that classes cannot implement or override; however, classes can override the default method.

How can you override default method from functional interface?

You must create a class that implements your interface and overrides the default methods there in order to replace them. public class MyClass implements MyFunctionalInterface { @Override void printDetails2() { . } @Override void printName() { . } }.

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