Can we override default method of interface?

A class can override a default interface method and call the original method by using super , keeping it nicely in line with calling a super method from an extended class. But there is one catch, you need to put the name of the interface before calling super this is necessary even if only one interface is added.

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Can we override default method of interface in Java
In Java, it is possible to override a default method of an interface. When a subclass implements an interface, it can provide an implementation for one or more of the methods declared in the interface. If the subclass does not provide an implementation for a particular method, then it can fall back on the default implementation provided by the interface. This ability to override a default method of an interface allows developers to incorporate additional functionality to the interface without breaking existing implementations of the interface. Furthermore, if the interface is extended with new methods in the future, existing implementations of the interface will still work. This ensures that existing code is not affected by new functionality added to the interface.
Can we override static method of interface
It is possible to override static methods of an interface in Java 8 and later versions. This is done by using the default keyword when implementing the static method. This allows developers to define an implementation in the interface and provide a default implementation if a class does not provide one. When the class does provide an implementation of the static method, it will override the default implementation. It is important to consider the implications of overriding static methods of an interface and the impact this may have on other classes that use the interface.
How to call default method of interface without implementation
If you are working with an interface in your code, it is possible to call the default method of the interface without implementing it. This can be done by using a lambda expression to reference the method. Lambda expressions are a great way to make your code more concise and also make it easier to invoke a method that does not require an implementation. To call the default method of an interface, you will need to use the interface’s name and the method’s name as a parameter in the lambda expression. You can then call the method and pass any necessary parameters. It is important to remember that any parameters passed must match the parameters of the default method. This can be a useful approach when you are working with an interface and you don’t need
Can we override a default method?

In Java, overriding the default method is not required. When only one interface is used in a program, only one default method is used at a time, so overriding is not necessary as demonstrated by the following program: Java Sep 29, 2022.

Can we override default and static methods in interface?

Interfaces include static methods that classes cannot implement or override; however, classes can override the default method.

How can you override default method from functional interface?

You must create a class that implements your interface and overrides the default methods there in order to replace them. public class MyClass implements MyFunctionalInterface { @Override void printDetails2() { . } @Override void printName() { . } }.

Can we override methods in interface?

Since default methods have been introduced in interfaces since Java 8, it is not necessary to override default methods in an interface in the implementing class. You can make the methods default in the interface itself.

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