Can I get a match in Tinder without paying?

It’s just that, with Tinder Gold’s “Likes You” feature, you can see everyone who already swiped right on you before you swipe on anyone. But, to be honest, I’d argue that the small monthly price ($4.99 for Tinder Plus users who decide to upgrade) for Tinder Gold is worth it.

Tinder Gold Review: Is It Worth it?

Is Tinder Free To Use?

So… is Tinder free? Well, Tinder has been dominating the online dating market for years now. The fact that Tinder’s earnings release for 2019 was a whopping $1.2 billion means that its paid membership and services are of high importance to the parent company, Match.

So the simple truth is that Tinder does in fact cost money, but it’s also free… Let me explain further.

Tinder is free to download. Its free version will allow you to make a profile, swipe, match with users, and chat. Although, there are many limitations such as the number of swipes allowed per day. Tinder offers paid subscription services (Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold) as well as paid one-time extras that allow the user to unlock certain features (Super Likes, Boost).

This article will take a look at exactly what features on Tinder are paid, what you get for free, what each feature does and most importantly if spending any money is worth it.

If you are wondering how Tinder works, check out this article first.

Yes… and no. As mentioned above, there are different levels of involvement when using Tinder. But the good news is you can get away with never having to spend a cent if you don’t want to. But if you want to access exclusive features, you will need to get out the wallet.

The free version of Tinder will allow you to download the app, swipe on up to 100 profiles per day, match, and chat. The free version is more than enough for someone dipping their toes into the Tinder pool for the first time.

do you have to pay for tinder to get matches

But look, there is no denying that paying for Tinder does in fact increase your chances of getting more matches (or the right matches). So let’s do a deep dive analysis into every single free and paid feature that Tinder offers!

What Are The Free Features Of Tinder?

As mentioned above, Tinder’s basic components of swiping, matching, and talking are doable, but let’s take a look at some of the extra little freebies thrown in.

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Well… Top Pick. Under the free version of Tinder, you will receive one free Top Pick per day. Top Picks are basically a tailored-for-you list of potential matches that Tinder believes would be most compatible with you. Top Picks is a great feature to throw some Super Likes down on. If you’re not sure what a Super Like is, keep on reading!

do you have to pay for tinder to get matches

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