Can I Browse Tinder Without Joining?

Can i find out if someone is on tinder?

Can I Browse Tinder Without Joining?

Can You Secretly Use Tinder?

Well, ‘secretly’ isn’t easily defined. You can stick Tinder into the ‘weather’ or ‘health’ sections on your phone so no one sees the logo. You can hide in a cupboard and use Tinder there. But you can’t really use Tinder totally secretly, with guaranteed anonymity.

You can use a burner email and fake photos on Tinder, but it is banned per their security policy and generally not a good idea. Assuming you will use this trick only for good, here’s how to do it:

browse tinder profiles without account

Although it’s simpler to just click signup with Facebook, Apple, or Google you can also create an account with an email address or a phone number, neither of which have existing account information attached to them.

  • Sign up for an email address
  • Enter that email address into Tinder to sign up
  • Put in a name that isn’t your name.
  • Enter a date of birth, maybe not yours.
  • Skip all the profile building questions.
  • Add the required two photos – I bet you see where I’m going here – that’s right! They’re not actually you.
  • There you go, you’re using Tinder, secretly!
  • Technically, you could also make a brilliant Tinder profile for a person who doesn’t exist. Catfish do it every day! That’s probably why, as I said, it’s against Tinder’s house rules to lie about who you are on the app or use photos that are of someone else.

    browse tinder profiles without account

    Maybe using Tinder anonymously for a while could be useful for you to get an idea of what Tinder is and how it works, but ultimately it’s kind of pointless. Sure there’s a lot of selective choices being made in Tinder profiles the world around, but it only really works beyond a glorified messaging app if you actually are who you say you are.

    It’s important to ask, why is it that you want to be on Tinder, but also NOT on Tinder?

    The most common reason for this? Finding an ex, a spouse, or a very handsome guy in a suit you’re pretty sure works in an office very nearby.

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    Can You Find Someone On Tinder Without Joining?

    Unfortunately (but understandably) the answer here is pretty much the same as all the other sneaking about on Tinder answers. You can’t really find someone specific on Tinder without joining.

    Wanting to find out if someone specific on Tinder is a classic! That hottie from the gym, the cute barista, the guy on the subway, the girl at the laundromat. If only you knew if they were on Tinder!

    But without anyone knowing that YOU were on Tinder. Then you would… uhh… you’d know… that… they were on Tinder?

    browse tinder profiles without account

    The way Tinder works require mutual matching. So, if your profile is mostly empty you are unlikely to match with the person you’re looking for. You may catch a glimpse of them while swiping, though.

    Basically, you can’t find one specific Tinder user. You can, however, game the system slightly.

    In fact, if you get a super-private investigator (possibly straying into weird stalker territory) you can adjust distance and age range to ‘search’ for someone nearby. Perhaps, someone who lives in the same house as you and has been ‘working late’ a lot recently.

    To find someone specific on Tinder who is close by:

  • Go to settings
  • Adjust the age range to an extremely narrow band that fits this person’s age
  • Reduce the search distance to 1 mile
  • Match your gender preferences to the gender of the person you are searching for
  • browse tinder profiles without account

    You do need to know a fair amount about the person you’re looking for to do this, so it doesn’t work well for strangers at coffee shops etc. It also works best in low-population areas, so if you’re in New York City or London it might be difficult.

    The main reason not to do the obsessively adjusting age range and distance thing though? It’s super creepy.

    Again, we need to ask ourselves why you want to use Tinder anonymously. It could be

  • You’re not sure if Tinder is the right dating app for you
  • You have concerns about digital security around signing up for things
  • You’re embarrassed about being seen on Tinder
  • You’re in a monogamous relationship and really should not even be swiping ‘just for fun’
  • If you’re concerned about embarrassment or security, paid Tinder features may help a little.

    browse tinder profiles without account

    Can You Search Anonymously On Tinder?

    Tinder doesn’t allow you to search. It looks at the age range and distance you’ve selected and puts potential users in front of you. Then you swipe ‘em!

    However, a paid feature at all of the premium Tinder tiers (Tinder +, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum) is the ability to only appear in the card stack of people you have liked.

    If you want to be on Tinder, but not viewable to people you haven’t expressed an interest in, you might need to consider one of their paid tiers. Using these, you can browse anonymously.

    browse tinder profiles without account

    You can also search through your existing matches, but let’s be real, that’s not what you wanted to know, was it? Equally, you can find users with similar interests through Tinder Explore.

    So, if the person you’re looking for is wearing a very specific band t-shirt, maybe you could narrow things down by musical genre?

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