Các biểu tượng được sử dụng trong Nhạc trên máy Mac

The List of Musical Symbols and Terms

What Is The Use Of The Shuffle Icon On The Control Bar?

A shuffle (cross arrow) method will randomly assemble songs based on what you type into the menu. Clicking on this icon will also change the alphabetical order.

A new function known as Autoplay in Apple Music utilizes the infinity symbol (**) as a representation of Apple Music’s recent addition. In the app, all songs will be played based on what you have in your library, so you’ll have similar songs to keep playing when you finish. Similar to Spotify’s feature, it facilitates social networking.

How Do I Listen To Downloaded Music On My Samsung?

You will see the file in Samsung Music after you have downloaded it. you can access music via Spotify using the Samsung Music app’s tab on Spotify. Several articles describe how you can easily upload music files to the computer if you don’t have it already available.

A dark arrow indicates that repeat is completely disabled or reduced. Using the blue arrows will keep the entire playlist in place. These yellow arrows indicate repeated versions of the song after they contain a number 1 following it.

by pressing two arrow buttons at the same time to access previously selected mp3 files. The repeat icon allows you to toggle your program on or off. Playing back more than one audio file is an option you can choose for your music player. By holding down the shuffle key, it can be turned on or off.

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