bumble no matches bug?

No Matches on Bumble? This Is What You Do Now!

What is Tinder no matches bug?

It looks like if you do get the Tinder no matches bug and reinstalling and clearing the cache dont work, you could be looking at a long-term problem. Just remember though – there are other ways to find lovely people to date! You might want to look at this question I answered about finding single girls on Kik – I actually explained some different ways of dating there that you might find useful:

The no matches bug is what it says on the tin – no matter how many people you swipe, you just dont get any matches. How frustrating?! I had a quick research and here are a few reasons why this might be happening and how you might be able to fix it:

Annoyingly, it seems that some people get the Tinder no matches bug just because for some reason, the app doesnt connect with their Facebook properly. According to some users, the only way to get rid of the bug is to make a new Facebook profile and connect it with that. And then, apparently you need at least 50 friends to start getting recommendations, so that means adding all your friends again. Grrr.

No Matches on Bumble? This Is What You Do Now!

If you’re literally seeing no matches even to swipe on, it means there are no Bumble users who meet your search criteria, such as age, distance from location, etc. So you’ll need to change your search criteria.

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