Bumble Icebreaker Questions: 70+ Example Answers That Get IRL Dates

Another appealing feature of Bumble is that women are obligated to message first. Yep, you heard right. After a match is created, women are provided 24 hours to message. If they choose not to, the match expires. Here’s the thing though. While it sounds nice to for once have the onus put on the woman to initiate the conversation, they don’t always do it. Luckily, Bumble’s found a way to address this issue.

Bumble Icebreakers are questions that are either written by the user or generated by the app. Both men and women can use icebreakers. Using an icebreaker is a quality way to prod a woman into responding. During our testing, our icebreakers had a response rate of 42%. This is incredible when you consider the average guy needs to send 18 messages to women his age just to have a 50% chance of receiving a response.

As far as strategy goes, your goal should be to stand out. The easy answer is the wrong answer. Use this medium to show off your wit and demonstrate why you’re better than the other dudes she’s talking to. Stay away from overtly sexual answers and avoid cliches. Write a thoughtful, witty message that if possible touches on something she wrote about in her profile.


How do you feel about your partner being friends with an ex?

good icebreaker questions for bumble

This Bumble Icebreaker question demonstrates that the woman in question could be making smart decisions and not burning bridges or cutting people out just because they grew in different directions.

The last thing I want to see is someone who talks a lot of trash about an ex. When I hear this, it tells me they make poor decisions in their own life and that’s a huge red flag. I’d prefer to know how someone has grown as a person because of that breakup or because they had that person in their life.

That way, if I am considering being their next partner, I won’t expect it to end in drama, which suggests a high-level of respect for others.

4. Sure, as long as she also has a therapist I can cry to while she’s out hanging out with him.

5. As long as he’s a eunuch, I’ve got no problems.

6. If the guy’s an Office fan too then it’s cool. If he’s not we’re gonna have to have a serious talk.

How often do you lose your keys or phone (and where do you usually find them)?

good icebreaker questions for bumble

7. I wear a fanny pack. So this question isn’t really relevant to me.

8. I purposefully put my phone in hard to reach places at least once a week… I’m kind of a phone addict, but as you can see I’m dealing with addiction in a healthy way.

9. Once or twice a week. Funny how they’re always in my pocket but that’s always the last place I look… humans, what are ya gonna do?

If you could fix a problem in society right now, what would it be?

good icebreaker questions for bumble

10. Refusing to say hi to someone that you see walking your way from a distance. Revolution now!

11. People that blast their music on the subway. While the MTA is making facemasks mandatory why not headphones too?

12. Racism… or when CVS prints out those three-foot long receipts… yeah I guess the second.

Bonus answer: I would eliminate calories from all foods except brussel sprouts. I would take all the calories from the other foods and put them into brussel sprouts so I have a legit reason to never eat them again.

good icebreaker questions for bumble

13. (Say that something in her profile genuinely made you laugh and follow it up with a question)

14. The Office. Honestly, that’s pretty much what makes me laugh every day.

15. My little niece’s first word was boob. My brother’s kind of a perv.

Bonus answer: TikTok videos of people falling.

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