Bumble Boost vs Premium [Compare Differences, Cost & More!]

Is Bumble Boost Worth it? Boost vs Premium in 2022

Bumble Boost vs Premium: Features & Cost Comparison

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If you’re on the fence about Bumble Boost, you can try it for a week to see if you like it. The trial membership costs $7.99. One month of Boost costs $14.99, or you can pay $29.99 to use it for 3 months. For 6 months, you’ll pay a total of $47.99.

Think of Bumble Boost like the “basic” upgrade – you get all the original premium features like undoing your last swipe and *instantly* rematching with people whose connection expired.

If you didn’t mean to let that countdown lapse, that perk saves you from having to wait for their profile to pop back up in your suggested match feed again.

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If you’ve been Bumbling for a while now, you may be surprised to see Bumble added a daily swipe limit.

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For most users, Bumble lets you swipe right around 100 times before you have to wait a full 24 hours to begin again.

The Extend feature benefits both women and men. If it’s on you to start the conversation, you can take another day to send an icebreaker to a guy you like on Bumble. And guys, you can give her another 24 hours to reach out.

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Using a Spotlight pushes your profile card to the top of the card stack for users in your area.

PRO TIP: Since you only get one Spotlight for free, consider using it on Sunday between 8 & 10 pm. Per Bumble, that’s the peak usage time for the week. Don’t deploy your Spotlight on a Friday – that’s when users spend the *least* amount of time on the app.

You can still Spotlight your profile even if you don’t upgrade, you’ll just have to pay per use. Profile spotlights on Bumble cost $5.99 a pop, but if you buy them in Costco quantity it’s only $1.67 each.

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bumble boost vs premium 4

SuperSwipes on Bumble are comparable to Super Likes on Tinder – it’s a way to set yourself apart by sending an augmented “like”. Bumble Boost users get 5 to use every week.

Non-upgraded users don’t get any for free, but anyone can buy them:

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Curious if SuperSwiping on Bumble works? Watch this to find out:

Bumble Premium costs just over twice as much as Boost. For a trial membership lasting 7 days, you’ll pay $17.99. 1 month of Premium costs $32.99, or you can pay slightly less per month by opting for a 3 month membership at $66.99.

If you’re planning to use the BFF and Bizz modes as well, Bumble offers a “lifetime” membership for $199.99. (That still includes the Dating mode of course, but if you think you may need a lifetime to find your perfect match you should definitely think about outsourcing your online dating to a team of experts.)

So, twice the price – but also double the features. Premium includes all the Boost features, plus some other great perks.

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Your profile remains hidden to the masses, and only reveals itself to singles you swipe right on. Travel lets you expand your match pool considerably – you can change your swiping location to anywhere you’d like to meet people.

The BeeLine is a time saver. You’ll see a grid view of singles who already liked your profile, so any right swipe results in an instant match.

The Advanced Filters can also save you lots of time. Free and Boost users can only choose two filters. So for instance if you want to limit your match feed to people who are over 5’9”, have an “active” lifestyle, never smoke and want kids someday, there’s no way to do that unless you upgrade to Premium.

So now you know the differences between Boost and Premium. But when is it worth the money to upgrade, and which tier should you choose?

Your potential match pool is huge. Much like Tinder, Bumble usage tends to be highest in big urban areas. The Premium perks can help you quickly identify your most compatible matches by using all the available filters, and instantly matching via the BeeLine may save you a ton of time.

Your “dating radius” extends further than 99 miles. That’s when Bumble’s maximum distance filter taps out. But if you’re in a more rural area, you may be willing to invest the 90 minute+ drive to meet someone you’re really interested in. The Travel feature lets you swipe in areas within your driving distance. And if you’re willing to relocate for love, the world is now your oyster.

The idea of just anyone seeing your profile gives you pause. There are plenty of legit reasons for wanting to control who sees your profile. Plenty of sites and apps like Match and Tinder let you use them discreetly, and now Bumble is among them.

You don’t feel like you’d benefit from the Premium perks, and you’re really bad about hopping on the app daily.

If that’s you, know this – like most dating apps, Bumble rewards frequent users with more profile visibility and a higher internal ranking score.

If you’re not keeping up with message exchanges, letting matches expire left and right, and ghosting the app for days at a time, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

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Either get a team of dating experts doing all the work for you, or start investing some time in your love life.

But while you’re getting in the habit of daily check ins, Bumble Boost has your back. You can extend and rematch as needed.

You frequently get the “end of the line” message. If there aren’t many users in your area you’ll get plenty of chances to reconnect with anyone who expired, or who didn’t match with you the first time around.

If long distance dating and/or relocation isn’t in the cards for you, it probably isn’t worth it to pay for Bumble.

Whether you keep using Bumble without paying or opt to upgrade, you want the best profile possible to make all that time you spend on the app worth it.

Here are 3 profile tips that will boost your match rate, courtesy of the data crunchers over at Bumble!

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