Break Up With A Gemini Man: Everything You Need To Know

How to Break Up with Gemini | Zodiac Love Guide

Break Up With A Gemini Man: Everything You Need To Know

He likes strong women who aren’t pushy or in any way controlling. Because he seems to move around at the speed of light, no one can stop him from dreaming and sharing his knowledge around, so the woman who wants a breakup with him should just try to slow things down or to cut his enthusiasm down.

He can deal with anything, so being secretive doesn’t work very well with this native. Always appreciating a woman who can express herself, he’ll always look to fix things up with a woman by carrying out a good talk and to avoid a breakup, but he can let go when asked to, especially if feeling there’s no more passion in the relationship.

Their biggest problem is that they keep getting bored very easily and are very restless when looking for more variety. Those who want to keep a Gemini man next to them for a lifetime should always think of exciting things to do or else he’ll look for what he wants someplace else.

Being dependable and at the same time allowing him his freedom is not at all a good idea when trying to break up with this man. Because he’s always on the run, a lazy and dull person would make him feel stuck, not to mention how much he loves independent women.

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