It evolves into Bibarel starting at level 15.

How to Evolve Bidoof | Bibarel | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


Bidoof is very similar looking to a Beaver. It is a small Pokémon with two large front teeth which it uses to bite on wood, also similar to a beaver. The upper half of Bidoofs body is light brown, while the bottom half is a cream color. Bidoof has two black, beady eyes, a black snout, and a small, red nose. It also has small balls of fur on its face and either three or five that serve as a tail.

Bidoof can be found at Routes 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 211 and Lake Verity in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Bidoof appears at Route 208 and the Safari Game in Diamond and Pearl, and at Route 209 and the Eterna Forest in Platinum. Bidoof appears on many of the land routes in Johto and Kanto, along with the Ruins of Alph and Mt. Silver in Heart Gold and Soul Silver when Sinnoh Sound is playing on the Pokégears Radio. Bidoof also appears within the Safari Zones Forest after placing 10 Forest Objects in the area.

Bidoof can use one of two Abilities: Simple, which doubles the effectiveness of the modifications to its Statistics, causing Work Up to increase its Attack and Special Attack by two stages instead of one (for example); or Unaware, which ignores any and all Statistic Modifications by its opponents. Bidoofs Hidden Ability is the Moody Ability. This Ability takes effect at the end of every turn, increasing one random Statistic by two stages but reducing another random Statistic by one stage–the affected Statistics also include Accuracy and Evasion.

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