Best Hinge Prompts, Funny Hinge Answers For Men, Women

Hinge prompts allow you to showcase your personality outside of your standard bio.
  • “Dating me is like…” …
  • “Fact about me that surprises people…” …
  • “Green flags I look for…” …
  • “I want someone who…” …
  • “A shower thought I recently had…”

Hinge Answers That Actually Work In 2022 – Revealed!

Examples of Funny, Creative, Good Hinge Prompts, Hinge Answers, Questions, Get More Likes, Matches. Hinge Profile Examples, Best Hinge Prompt Answers Guys, Girls

There is quite a bit of self-sabotage in dating profiles (photos come to mind) but profile prompts should not be overlooked. Photos are definitely important, but the Hinge prompts you select and the way you answer them can make or break you.

Hinge prompts are just one component of a Hinge profile (photo prompts, captions, vitals, virtues) and should be taken seriously if you want to attract quality people. Low effort answers to prompt suggest low effort people.

Similarly, the decision to comment vs merely liking a prompt can mean all the difference whether you end up matching with someone or not. The more you reveal about yourself, the more you will be taken seriously by others. You can’t expect to get more than you put in.

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How To Stand Out On Hinge: Hinge Profile Tips, Best Hinge Prompts & Answers, What To Put On A Hinge Profile

There are many factors that determine online dating success, and often times, effort in profiles can derail one’s chances drastically.

Below are my favorite Hinge prompts to use in a profile, ones to avoid, and tips on how to answer them to get the most out of your dating profile. For those seeking additional help with profiles, photos, app choice, introductory lines, timing and communication skills, take a look at my dating profile critique services.

What Are Prompts On Hinge? How Do Hinge Prompts Work? What Questions Are Asked On Hinge?

Prompts are interview type questions, conversation starters you can add to your profile that enable you to answer them to provide information about yourself as opposed to a blank free form bio.

The idea is that these prompts provide ideas for people to write about themselves. These are usually a combination of witty, funny, anecdotal, insightful, playful and random thoughts, answers and observations.

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