Best First Date Questions to See If You and Your Match Are Compatible

50 Questions to Ask Your Bumble Match
  • What is your love language?
  • What’s your go-to comfort food?
  • Among your friends, what are you most known for?
  • What would you do on a rainy Sunday?
  • What’s something you’re currently obsessed with?
  • What’s something you are you weirdly competitive about?
  • How do you feel about pets?

What to ask your Matches [5 GREAT Questions]

How do you spend your Saturdays?

You’ll probably spend lots of your free time with whoever you date, so asking what their weekends look like is a great way to figure out if you’ll get along. “It will give you an indication of what their leisure time is like, what they do for fun, and how they choose to relax,” says Dr. Michelle Drouin, relationship and technology researcher.

How would your friends describe you?

Sure, someone might have already described themselves in their profile, but asking this question will likely give you a more objective sense of their best traits. Dr. Alexandra Solomon, psychologist and professor at Northwestern University, says that their response could also clue you in to how they show up for their loved ones.

What’s an ambition or dream you have?

“Having a sense of supporting each other’s life dreams and ambitions and having a sense of shared meaning is important in couples,” explains Stacy Hubbard, therapist at the Gottman Institute. If their dream isn’t something you want to support, they may not be the person for you.

Ten Questions to Ask on the First Bumble Date

Bumble is all about connecting people in meaningful ways. And we know it’s often the quirks, weird stories and shared experiences that do just that. So, we’ve made it easy by compiling a list of tried and true first date questions. Got your own go-to first date questions? Let us know!

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