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Grand Theft Auto Online lets players take a joyride through Los Santos with well over 300 different vehicles that range from monster trucks to tricked-out supercars. The variety of automobiles found in GTA Online is a motorheads dream, but accruing enough money to purchase a snazzy ride can take a while for anyone new to GTA 5s multiplayer mode. Luckily, Rockstar has hidden plenty of free cars across GTA Onlines map that gamers can claim.

Sure, players can steal all of the best GTAO vehicles they come across on the streets of Los Santos, but a majority of those dont have anything special that sets them apart. On the other hand, secret cars are unique vehicles that users can earn by stumbling across them or completing a challenge to unlock them. Many of these are one-of-a-kind, so GTA Online players will want to track them down to expand their car collection further.

Remember that the only way to ensure that these secret cars cant get stolen or suffer irreparable damage is to insure them at Los Santos Customs. Most of the following vehicles take a substantial amount of effort or luck to find, so insuring them is a must if players want to roam around the wild streets of Los Santos. Here are all of the hidden cars that can be found in GTA Online.

Top 20 Best FREE Cars/Vehicles You Can Own In GTA Online!

Can I sell stolen cars in GTA 5?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, selling stolen vehicles is a profitable way of making quick cash. … Note: Stolen personal vehicles and stolen high end vehicles (valued at $50,000 and higher) cannot be sold at Los Santos Customs. Players can only sell a vehicle once per day (in-game) or 48 minutes in real-time.

Can you sell free cars in GTA 5?

You need to find yourself a Los Santos Customs if you want to sell your car in GTA 5. They’re marked on the map with a spray can icon, so find your nearest one and then head to it. Once there, you’ll need to drive the car into the garage to be able to sell it.

What cars are worth buying in GTA 5 Online?

5 Sports cars that are worth buying in GTA Online in 2021

  • #5 Invetero Coquette D10. The Coquette D10 is essentially a modified variant of its previous iterations and takes heavy influence from the 2020 Corvette C8. …
  • #4 Grotti Itali GTO. …
  • #3 Ocelot Jaguar. …
  • #2 Pfister Comet SR.
  • GTA Online Secret Cars: Nagasaki Blazer

    The Nagasaki Blazer is a unique ATV in GTA Online, and its surprisingly simple to acquire. Gamers can either shell out $8,000 on the store on the cellphone or hunt for it in the Sandy Shores neighborhood (home to other GTA Online hidden locations) found on the Northeastern side of the map, directly below the Alamo Sea.

    GTA Online Secret Cars: Rusted Tractor

    The Rusted Tractor looks so decrepit that it might seem like it cant be driven, but the corroded jalopy is completely functional. GTA Online players will find this close to the El Gordo Lighthouse, directly east of Grapeseed. It will be parked in a bush in front of the country home near the lighthouse. The vehicle is on a spawn timer, so gamers will need to wait for it to reappear if someone else already drove off with it earlier. Its looks dont lie; it wont be going much faster than a bicycle.

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