Best Apple Magic Mouse Mousepad: Do You Need One? • Mac Expert Guide

Do You Still Need a Mousepad?

Best Apple Magic Mouse Mousepad: Do You Need One? • Mac Expert Guide

When working with a magic mouse, you require a good surface to reduce skipping errors or loss of signal. The 3M Precise mousepad surface guarantees accuracy in movement regardless of your desired speed. An outstanding feature of this mousepad is the high-quality foam padding with non-skid material that ensures the rapid movement rate of your mouse.

When purchasing cloth mousepads, confirm that your mouse pad edges have a thick stitch frame. This ensures that the seams between the base and the surface are secured correctly. If the edge of your cloth Apple Magic mouse pad doesn’t have any stitching, it will begin to fray after continued use, reducing the lifespan of your mouse pad. The edges of the hard mousepad should be smooth to prevent scratching your wrist.

The mousepad is thin with a soft top surface and rubber-like back to prevent movement while using it. It even features a smooth clothing surface that offers excellent speed, perfect for your daily office work. The mousepad is large and has a thin design, meaning that you can place your computer over it, and it won’t sit awkwardly.

The base of your mousepad is what determines its thickness. A thin base measures (2 to 2.5mm), a standard base measures (3 to 3.5mm), while a heavy base measures (5mm). The great thing about thin mousepads is that they’re flexible, which means they can take the shape of the surface they’re placed on.

Mousepads come in different sizes, like extended, large, medium and small. Large mousepads are an excellent choice for anyone who works behind big screens, such as graphic designers. This is because they can make long and short mouse glides without touching the edges of the mouse pad. Small mousepad designs are ideal for your office work because you don’t require excellent precision and speed.

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