Being honest about your age on Tinder doesn’t have to be that hard

How To Change Your Age On Tinder 2021 | Change Birth Date On Tinder Account | Tinder App

Change your age on Tinder when you signed up with Facebook

In this case you have to change your age in your Facebook account so that Tinder can pull your correct age from Facebook. To change your age in Facebook, do the following:

  • Open up your Facebook app
  • Go to your profile page
  • Click “About” under your Facebook cover photo.
  • You will see a new menu where you have tap on the Edit Basic Information part. This will open a page where you can change your date of birth
  • Change your date of birth to the correct one from the drop-down menu.
  • Don’t panic if your age didn’t change right away on Tinder. You have to wait about 24 hours for the change to be active. Once a day passed, check your Tinder and it should now display the correct age. If you have recently changed your age on Facebook, Facebook might now allow you to change your age. In this case, wait a couple of days before trying to change it again.

    Being honest about your age on Tinder doesn’t have to be that hard

    If you joined Tinder without linking to your Facebook account and didn’t input your correct age, you might be out of luck. Tinder doesn’t allow users to regularly change their age once it’s locked in after you first sign up. The best fix here, according to Tinder’s help guidelines, is to bite the bullet, wave farewell to your existing matches, and delete your account. When you start over, you’ll be able to input the correct age.

    But if you’ve been on Tinder long enough, you might have one of these more common stories: You swipe right on someone, and their profile seems pretty standard. But after a chat filled with suspicious “XDs” and strings of emoji, you realize that a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of their bio reads: “Actually 18, not 26 lol.” Cool! Tinder can be a strange and deceptive place—and you might be among the deceivers, so double cool to you.

    Want to make your age disappear entirely from your Tinder profile? If you upgrade to a Tinder Plus account, you’ll be able to do just that and more. Open your Tinder app and tap Edit Info. Scroll to the bottom of your info page and you find the Control Your Profile panel.

    From here, toggle the Don’t Show My Age option on and you’ll have the option to hide your age with the purchase of a Tinder Plus account. Unfortunately, there’s a price for anonymity. A Tinder Plus upgrade costs $4.58 a month for a year, $5.83 a month for six months, or $9.99 for just one month.

    First of all, if your age isn’t correct on Tinder, that’s probably because it isn’t correct on Facebook, either. You can likely blame your teenage self for that—many people who signed up for Facebook in its early days were deemed too young for the site, and likely changed their age to suit the site’s 13-and-up limitation.

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