Badoo Review May 2022: Real Dates or Fake Matches?

Badoo Dating App Review 2022 [5 Crucial Considerations]

How can I delete my Badoo account and cancel my subscription?

  • More than 12 million users in the United States
  • Most of the member base are late teens to young adults
  • Majority of users come from European countries
  • The app is recommended more for the younger generation
  • Badoo caters more to the younger generation, which complements their “fresh and hip” setup and thrust towards mobile dating.

    The dating site, with its users mostly on the lookout for hookups and flings, is often compared to Tinder. However, it does have its fair share of those over 35, who are looking for more committed connections.

    Older members looking for a serious relationship might feel out of place with fewer match potentials. Females Males

    Here you can see how membership figures at Badoo are developing compared to others

  • Jos**** 66 years 22.03.2021 Not much!To be practical, it is NOT free, and is extremely sexist – mens profiles are given less than 50% of the text length of women; are subject t… o an enormous amount of manipulation, & constantly blocked from communications unless they pay 200 “points” – which triggers an unauthorized €39.99 fee. And the publicity is false – they are most certainly scammers – faux profils – on the site. «»>
  • Sigi*** 35 years 18.05.2020 Wooow badoo totally suck, I ve been normal single mom chatting, and just like that, blocked account, and no prove showed, kicked out.. Wooow.. And if … u met somewhere there and had great conversation then u done.. At least they could sent copy of problem, prove.. Not gonna ever suggest this app as it doesnt deal with problem of there is one. «»>
  • R****** 35 years 08.04.2020 I like badoo>
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  • Lots of insider information for more success
  • Basic information is needed upon registration
  • You must also link your other social media accounts or undergo phone verification
  • Verified users will have a blue check mark at the bottom of their profile picture
  • To create an account on Badoo, you need to give out your first name, birthday, city, gender, and what youre looking for (friendship, dates, or chat). You also need to upload a photo of yourself, although you can skip this step on the Badoo sign up process for later. Youll receive a link to verify your account.

    Once your email has been verified, you can now start using Badoo. Unlike others, the registration doesnt require you to fill out a personality test to find matches. Instead, you are taken directly to your profile dashboard.

    To fully enjoy the benefits of your Badoo account, you need to have it verified. The email verification you received upon signing up is just the first step in the process. You have to link Badoo to other social media accounts or use your phone to verify your identity. You can continue using Badoo under an unverified account, but your access will be limited. Verified members will have a blue checkmark at the bottom of their profile picture.

    Because Badoo is a free service, everyone can view user-profiles, and pictures are not blurred. Although you gain access to your dashboard after signing up, you cant perform specific tasks like boost your popularity, purchase coins, and play games if you havent uploaded at least one picture.

    A good tip for new members of Badoo: Dont upload a picture of yourself just yet if you wish to look around Badoo. Although access to essential parts is limited for members without s, once you upload a picture, theres a possibility that the network will flag your photo, and you have to verify that it is you. There’s a strict photo verification process, and if you dont pass it, you are locked out of Badoo.

    The verification process may sound simple to most people. Badoo will give you a sample of a male or female in certain poses. You have to take a picture of yourself with the same pose and submit it to the Badoo team.

    Once they verify that you are indeed who you say you are, the temporary lock-down will be removed, and you can use Badoo freely. However, if you are a new user, and you want to look around first without committing to anything, posting a picture may feel like a huge step already.

  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • As a social media slash dating platform, Badoo has quite a lot of features you can enjoy:

    Badoo Encounters is a game that lets you search for matches quickly. This feature shows you matches one by one, with each entry showing the users picture plus necessary information such as their name, age, and how many interests you have in common.

    Press the heart icon (or one on your keyboard) if youre interested, or the X icon (two on your keyboard) if youre not. Most of the members play this fast and easy way by breezing through the different options, similar to Tinders swipe left or right function.

    However, if you are meticulous, there are links on the upper right-hand corner of each entry where you can view and share the users profile. You can also filter the game to show only guys or girls, or matches of a specific age range.

    Badoos primary search function, People Nearby, allows you to find other members. You can filter the search to show only the new accounts or those that are currently online. Aside from that, there are several search filters that you can use to limit the results:

  • Gender
  • What theyre looking for (friends, chat, date)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Distance away from you
  • Despite the name, People Nearby isnt about searching for people close to your location, as you can even get results from members who put their positions in private, and you can also filter the search to show those from another city or state.

    One the bottom right corner of your profile page, you will see several profile pictures. These are pictures from featured users. You can have your photo featured by paying credits. Click on a photo to view that users profile. If youre interested, you can message him or her.

    Since Badoo dating is a free service, messaging others is possible, even without paying for premium services. The only thing you need to start a conversation is to upload a photo of yourself. Once you have a picture, you can network with other members or ask them out on dates.

    However, members can only send up to two messages to members they havent matched. Once youve used up your two messages, they need to reply to you first before you can send more.

    You can set it so that you can get email and browser notifications whenever you get a new message. If theres a user youre particularly interested, and you hit it off immediately, you can save them on your favorites list. On the other hand, if the user says something offensive or inappropriate, you can choose to block them so they cant contact you any further.

    As for Badoos messaging feature, we give it a 4 out of 5. With most limited messaging services, you can only message another user once, or worse, they cant message a person who hasnt liked their photo back. With Badoo dating, at least you get two tries to get the attention of the person youre trying to message, and if they reply, the limits on messaging are lifted.

    While this may feel unsafe and unregulated for some, messaging is one of the essential features of any dating platform. After all, if the goal is to match people, theres no reason why messaging should be made inconvenient.

    “Badoo Live” enabled members to host a live video stream, which all Badoo members could watch and join. Badoo announced that the feature was removed from the site as they wanted their users to focus on connections rather than viewing streams.

  • Badoo has an extensive photo verification process to ensure a users identity
  • Profile verification process requires users to connect their account to their social media account or phone
  • Users are unable to take screenshots while on the app
  • State your “Dating Intentions”
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • Profile information, as a whole, is severely lacking. Unlike others where you answer questions and take personality tests, you can only choose their interests from a vast list. You cant see what their thoughts are about topics concerning religion, politics, etc.

    To encourage its members to post their best pictures and fill out their profiles completely, theyve devised a profile scoring system. The higher your score is, the higher your visibility to others. To start receiving ratings, you need to upload at least three photos of yourself. Other members who view your profile through Badoo Encounters can rate your profile. Members are also required to state their dating intentions as Here to date, Ready for a relationship, and Open to chat to avoid mismatched partners.

    Although the profile scores are meant to determine the likeability of the members, it may be lacking as it is purely based on appearance.

    Even with a verification process, fake profiles on Badoo come aplenty. There are several articles written about it on the web, and we experienced it firsthand while writing this review.

    Only 2-3 minutes after creating a profile, we got four message notifications from different females who wanted to chat with us. This is highly suspicious as the account has just been created, with no picture and no information on it whatsoever. Granted, Badoo has a feature where premium members can send messages to new users as soon as they sign up. However, we doubt that people who sincerely want to meet other people would be okay with just messaging everyone who signs up for the service.

    According to demographics, the male to female ratio in Badoo dating back in 2009 was 70/30, with males taking the lead. Recently, the numbers flipped, and more and more female profiles are being created on the same, some of the fake profiles to bring more people in. Remember that profiles can be set so that non-members can view it. Hence, there are several female decoy profiles on Badoo with the sole purpose of enticing males to join the website and meet these “female” members.

    Badoo puts a considerable emphasis on photos and appearance while disregarding views and opinions. Yes, you can choose an interest, and there are several fields where you can freely type information about yourself, but users neglect most of these because they are not mandatory.

    Badoo has an extensive verification system for photos, but nothing on whats written on your profile. A person looking for a long-term relationship or marriage is not given enough tools by which to tell who is compatible with them or not.

    Members can show off their personalities and give honest opinions on a variety of topic prompts through the use of video. These 15-second clips is a fun icebreaker when other Badoo users visit your profile. Plus, it also enhances your credibility as a genuine member of the app. Badoo also rewards profiles containing Clips in terms of visibility on the platform. When you publish Clips on your profile, you will show up more frequently on other members matchmaking list.

  • The design is organized, simple, and pleasing to the eyes
  • The functionality is intuitive and user-friendly
  • App has more features than the website version
  • Badoo app allows location proximity matching
  • Mobile app has chat features and a special featured called ‘Bumped into’
  • Occasional technical errors such as the inability to log in, send messages and view certain screens
  • Available to download in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • One of the biggest reasons why Badoos desktop version looks outdated and lackluster is because the company itself is focusing more on its mobile app. Since it is geared towards finding dates or easy and quick hookups, going mobile would be the most logical move. This way, you can look for possible friends, chatmates, flings, and one night stands anytime, anywhere.

    Badoo has put in more effort into the mobile app compared to its desktop counterpart. The profile layouts are great, unlike its browser counterpart. Also, there are more features and things to do in the app so that you can meet more people on the go.

    For special features, we give Badoo a 3 out of 5.

    A hybrid between a social networking platform and an online dating site, Badoo has several unique games and features that other websites dont have.

    The only downside is that it caters only to people looking for casual dates and hookups, since most engage members based on their looks, without really putting any emphasis on interests, viewpoints, intelligence or personality.

    This allows other members to rate your pictures. The higher your score is, the more visible your profile would be.

    If you like a particular users appearance, you can search for others that resemble them.

    You get email and browser notifications when someone likes your profile.

    Put preferred users on your favorite lists. You can also see who put you on theirs.

    Aside from Encounters, there are several other games available:

  • Lookalikes – Using your photo, Badoo determines which members you look similar to. If you find a particular user attractive, you can search for their lookalikes so you can see others with the same features.
  • Gifts – You can purchase gifts for other users. Using credits, you can also send emojis to get their attention.
  • This feature automatically detects and blurs unsolicited nude s. Recipients have the option to immediately report the sender without having to view the picture first.

    Badoo has increased its security systems by adding a rude message detector feature. This software carefully recognizes rude, abusive, homophobic, and discriminatory content and allows users to directly report the conversation through a pop-up notification.

    Moods is a special feature which gives users the option to share what’s on their minds. This can either be based around their current emotions or what kind of date they want to pursue.

    This is an interactive game feature where users who opt in are matched together and asked a series of questions as a way to get to know each other and find out what they have in common.

    Badoo implements a screenshot block feature that discourages users to share private information and photos without permission. Android users can no longer take screenshots and iOS users will get a warning message once they take one.

    How can I delete my Badoo account and cancel my subscription?

  • You can cancel via profile settings
  • You can cancel by sending an email
  • You can cancel by managing your app store subscription
  • Yes, your Badoo subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 2 weeks.
  • Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

  • Yes, usually you will receive the full amount back.
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