August 16th Zodiac

Leos born on August 16 are dedicated, disciplined individuals with a strong sense of personal destiny. While they absorb and listen to the criticism of others, it rarely causes them to change their game plan. They are concerned with their personal image.

August 16th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Leo – Part 1

August 16th Zodiac

The intense separation of the material, instinctive world from the spiritual one is seen in these rows. It is only the connection with the animal within that will allow dangerous and skillful presentations that include enough bravery and safe confidence and satisfy their inner passion. Detachment from Earth could lead to numerous problems in their life, making them question their faith to a point where they don’t even care about the body they’ve been given. It is important that each struggle in their life is ended in a practical tone that allows constant progress.

August 16th is truly magnificent when lived up to its full potential. With the strong Sun in Leo that wishes to create, inspired and motivated to act and make the first step towards new things, those born at this time have a talent to use the best of the material world we live in. It is a loving time when challenges might be grand, but the overall of satisfaction is about to prevail if they find middle grounds that allow them to be intimately connected to other people.

People born on August 16th do well in all sorts of art, but mostly things done with their hands. They need to touch the world to stay inspired and in tune with their sensations, and usually understand the impact of the human body and those they are in a relationship with on a much higher level. With developed people skills, they are matchmakers and HR employees, or make great divorce lawyers.

These three entities represent lower body chakras and speak about our grounding and our connection to realistic needs and pleasures of this world. We will see that people born on August 16th know how to make themselves satisfied and create a life someone else might only wish for, but they could also get too aggressive in their attempts to do something, refusing to acknowledge the fact that it isn’t really in their best interest or in touch with the mission of their heart.

Lovers among Leos, those born on the 16th of August feel a strong desire to be in a relationship. It is typical for them to accept archetypal roles with the opposite sex, but this, of course, isn’t necessarily a rule. Different sexual preferences still carry a strong division of masculine and feminine issues within any relationship. Their date is a subject of physical love and with it, sexuality comes to focus. In need of a tender touch and something that will also satisfy their hunger to relate, they could settle for way less than what they know they deserve, thinking that it is enough to keep them going.

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