Attracting the Taurus Male

To attract a Taurus man, enjoy down-to-earth activities, like cooking, since he’ll be happiest enjoying simple comforts close to home. However, you’ll want to stay true to who you are since a Taurus man is slow to trust others and values honesty above all else.
  1. Let him do the chasing. Because of their stubborn personalities, Taurus men love what they think they can’t have. …
  2. Don’t play games. Don’t make him jealous. …
  3. Stay in touch. …
  4. Compliment him. …
  5. Look your best.

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Attracting the Taurus Male

A Taurus man is a quiet and reserved guy; conversation is typically not his strong suit. The best way to get a discussion flowing when you first meet a Taurus man is to ask a simple impersonal question such as “What do you do?” and follow that up with an open-ended question such as “How did you get involved in that kind of work?” Then, listen and show genuine interest; this will help him relax and begin conversing with you. A Taurus man is very private, so dont pry or ask personal questions too soon. Its best to let him open up when hes ready and then follow his lead.

Taurus men are town and country guys. They love the city culture with all its art galleries, performing arts venues, and fine dining experiences, but hes also is an outdoorsman who enjoys spending time in nature. This means that when either of you are planning a date, the choice of dating activities is endless. They include everything from a quiet walk in the park, a camping trip, or a drive in the country to taking in an art gallery, eating at an elegant restaurant, attending a symphony, or attending a rock concert.

A Taurus man takes his time before getting involved in a relationship, so youll need to be patient. Even when he finds someone hes interested in, he makes a slow, subtle approach. Hell admire you from afar, learn your routines, show up unexpectedly, and act extremely shy and awkward around you, but hell make every effort to be more outgoing.

Theres a composed, peaceful, and patient quality to a Taurus man thats unmistakable to many. Hes real, not flashy. Hes sensual and romantic, yet physical, masculine, strong-minded, and practical. He has an incredibly soothing aura surrounding him. Hes a serene man who appreciates the more beautiful and pleasurable things in life. A Taurus man wants most is a comfortable, quiet family life surrounded by beauty and abundance. Related & Popular

Perhaps beyond looks, how someone smells will determine if a Taurus man is attracted to them. Taurus men are into fragrance and are sensuous, so when somebody smells good, it gives him romantic feelings. They love rolling hills, quiet countrysides, and romance. When someone wears a romantic floral and earthy scent, hes likely to find them irresistible.

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