Are Virgo Men Jealous? (9 Intriguing Traits)

Protective & Jealous Virgo Men

Are Virgo Men Jealous? (9 Intriguing Traits)

A Virgo man is a very sensitive and insecure person, which means that while they can fall for others easily, it means that they can get hurt easily too. A Virgo guy’s way of trying to stop himself from getting hurt often is to go on the defensive which is where jealousy can start to show itself.

Here, in this article, we look to answer are Virgo men jealous types as well as explaining other common traits of theirs that can make their jealousy better or worse. In doing so, we can ascertain whether your relationship with him will be fraught with jealous arguments or whether you can both work through jealousy issues in a constructive manner.

While a Virgo man has so many good qualities, jealousy is a particularly difficult one to cope with. To stop it in its tracks, ensure that you talk to him as much as possible about his fears and worries. That way, your honesty with him will help allay any fears he has.

There are a number of different characteristics that make Virgo men quite prone to becoming jealous. However, they do also have a handful of traits that help balance them out so that it isn’t always a given that they are a very jealous type of person. Here, we look at both their good points and their bad points. Whether your Virgo man is the type to get jealous or not is down to which characteristics are strongest overall.

While Virgos are patient and kind star signs, they can be seen to be the type of person who does try to make you jealous on occasion. While it is not a regular thing for them, it is something that they are guilty of doing when they feel they have lost control of a romantic situation.

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