Are Taurus Men Submissive in a Relationship?

They are possessive

Taurus men happen to be very possessive with their partners. They not only like to protect their female counterparts, but they are also very controlling and want to be the ones to say how their girlfriends should lead their lives.

The Taurus Man shadow side – control freaks

9. The Taurus man is stable, routine, and dependable.

When it comes to getting things done, the Taurus is an absolute go-getter… so long as it’s something they are interested in. One of the things that a Taurus man is interested in its stability. No matter the gender, this Zodiac likes to live in financial comfort, with all the bills paid first.

They are great workers, they like to be on time, and they enjoy having a fluffy bank account so that they feel secure. Sometimes, however, a Taurus man can get too routine, and may need help shaking things up a bit.

taurus man controlling

Using verbal language can sometimes be difficult and even daunting for a Taurus at times. Expressing their emotions is a type of vulnerability, which you already know they struggle with. Sometimes getting a Taurus man to communicate his feelings may feel like pulling teeth from a chicken. This will not make a relationship with him easy.

Eventually, as time goes on and he begins to trust you more, the Taurus man will try to express himself. You can be certain that it will not be easy for him at first, and he will struggle with it. Be patient with him, and encourage him. Insecurity is a big thing among Taurus men, and sometimes being reassured about his feelings is all he needs..

If there is one sign that people often think are lazy, it’s the Taurus. On the outside, the Taurus man loves to lounge and relax. Sometimes going to work then coming home to watch TV is all he needs to be content. For a Taurus, sometimes finding the motivation to mow the lawn and take care of chores is a chore all in itself.

Remember to keep things lively, or your Taurus man will fall into a comfortable slump. It happens, and sometimes they just need a little motivation to get moving again. Nagging and pestering your Taurus man about things that need to be done will only result in prolonged procrastination. Try to make your reminders or whatever it is fun, as that is the best way to motivate your lounging bull.

For more information on Taurus personality traits, and how to handle them, you can go to Taurus Man Secrets. This website is dedicated to spilling all the secrets about Taurus men, and how to handle their strong-willed personality. A Taurus man likes to feel important, so embellishing it with how much it would mean to you could help step up the pace.

taurus man controlling

The entire struggle with figuring how a Taurus man feels about you is his pride and vulnerability. It’s easy for a Taurus man to show affection while he’s getting to know you, but when he realizes he’s starting to fall in love he may pull away for a while.

Love is the ultimate exposure of a sensitive heart, and it’s a hard pill to swallow for someone as sensitive and guarded as this man. So when he starts to see signs he’s fallen in love, the Taurus man likes to take things slow and steady, because he wants to make sure that you are ‘the one’ just as much as you want him to be the one for you too.

When you are looking for signs a Taurus man loves you, don’t take his obvious behavior as any indicator. The Taurus man is very private about his internal emotional affairs. A Taurus man likes to act out against his emotions, and test you, before giving into handing over his heart. The brief moment before a Taurus finally gives in and lets love win over their pride and let down their guard is one of the most confusing times for everyone involved.

So if you are curious about if your Taurus man loves you, keep reading because we are about to give away all of his secrets.

One of the signs that a Taurus man is in love with you is that he may go through a brief period that he seemed distant or shy from you. He may avoid eye contact, get nervous or even avoid you for a moment.

This is just a sign he is struggling with emotion because being in love puts him at risk, which is not something a Taurus man likes. He likes to be in control, safe, guarded, and he’s extremely picky about who he trusts.

If you find this is happening, get his attention, look him in the eyes and tell him how you feel. Let him know how important he is to you, and then give him some space so he can figure it out. Once he figures it out, he can be devoted to someone for the rest of his life, so he takes his relationship with you very seriously.

taurus man controlling

The Taurus man likes to spoil his object of affection, but when the Taurus man in love gets that itch, nothing can compare to the spoils waiting for you. One of the signs that a Taurus man loves you is a sudden intense splurge of romance, passion, and sensuality.

A Taurus has a healthy sexual appetite, but they aren’t very creative when it comes to the act itself. It takes a Taurus a while to feel comfortable enough to get adventurous in bed. But when it comes to setting the mood and lavishing you with gifts, spoiling you with sweetness, the Taurus is king.

If the heat suddenly gets turned up on romance, chivalry, and endless snuggles, it’s a good sign he loves you very much.

This guarded zodiac likes to keep his feelings secret, locked uptight. I’ve mentioned several times about how guarded a Taurus is, and how being vulnerable is a fear of theirs. I’m emphasizing this because the fear of rejection and pain for a Taurus is a major part of their personality.

Remember the Taurus man is sensitive, and in touch with his gentle nature, and it creates a conflict in their masculine nature. A Taurus man loves deep and hard, and it hurts just as bad when they get burned. A Taurus man likes to protect himself from this emotional pain. To a Taurus man, heartbreak is worse than taking a physical beating.

Only a Taurus man in love and completely comfortable in his relationship will truly ever let you begin to get to know him. Love is hard for a Taurus because the sense of insecurity never really goes away, they just master their control over it eventually. They have only a few handful of people they trust enough to confide in. So when you become one of those people, you can take it as one of the subtle signs a Taurus man is in love.

4. He may insert himself more into your day-to-day.

This star sign likes to be in control and know what’s happening with his lover daily. He will like to know where you’re at, what your plans are daily, even when he grows to completely trust you.

This is not likely to change as the Taurus always feels like it’s their responsibility to take care of the family and keep track of what is going on.

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