Are Nintendo switch games saved on the cartridge?

Unlike other Nintendo systems, your game Nintendo Switch save data is stored on the console’s system memory, not on the cartridge. Even if you buy the digital version and later archive or delete the game from your console, your game saves will be preserved.

The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges

Where does your saved data get stored? : NintendoSwitch

Does it get stored in the Nintendo Switch console or in the game cartridge? Does it work like PS4 discs where when you save your game, it saves on your hard drive and not on the disc itself? If I were to buy a Nintendo Switch cartridge of the same exact game and use it, I would still have my saved data which is stored on my console and be able to play it on my new cartridge? I want to buy a new cartridge because mine rattles unless its normal for cartridges to rattle? Is there a way to upload my saved data to online storage? If so, how can I do this?

Are Nintendo Switch games saved on the cartridge?

The Nintendo Switch might be selling like hotcakes, but that’s in spite of a few questionable design decisions by Nintendo. I mean, only 32GB of onboard storage gets filled up pretty darn quickly. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is over 13GB, and that’s without accounting for the operating system or game save files.

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Yes. Switch cartridges are read-only, your saves are stored on the system.

I spoke with a representative from Nintendo, and no, the data will not be saved; youd essentially be starting with an entirely new game.

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