Are Gemini Men Jealous And Possessive?

Are Gemini Men Jealous – How Does a Gemini Act When Jealous

#1: He will check on you more on frequent

The Gemini male will not act like this; indeed, checking on someone is not his usual nature. Normally, he often offers you all the freedom when in love. Nevertheless, if he suddenly checks on you, then the chance maybe he is jealous of something.

#2: He will put limitations on himself

It’s very rare for a Gemini to feel insecure in love.

The matter is: he’s likely to change his own habits once strongly sensing his jealousy and fear of losing you. This guy never says no to any party, but he will willingly cut on his partying hours just to spend more time with you.

#3: He will put limitations on you

Not only himself, but Gemini man also starts putting some limitations on you.

As a social person, he completely understands the true value of having a large social life. If you find your Gemini partner tries to stop you from being friends with new people or requires you to return home within his curfew, definitely he is jealous.

#1: He will check on you more than frequent

Let me remind you that checking someone is not his normal nature. Therefore, if your Gemini man who tends to respect your freedom and privacy suddenly gives you suspicious questions, he is jealous of something.

#2: He will be in a sour mood

The Gemini male is very lively, energetic, and full of wit most of the time. However, recently you find that he often snaps or mumbles grudgingly, it is surely an act when he is jealous.

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