Are Cancer Men Jealous And Possessive?

He gets jealous

Cancerians value permanence and commitment over everything else in a relationship. You will find that Cancer men are more inclined towards jealousy and may get insecure over any relationship you may have with other men. If he feels this way and it affects him deeply, he is undoubtedly in love with you.

Darkside Of Cancer Man In Relationships

7 Reasons Why Cancer Men Get Jealous

Cancer will do anything to protect and shield their loved ones. When they fall in love they fall deeply and usually only marry once in their lifetime.

Family and loyalty are everything to this sign, both male and female. But Cancer men feel a particularly deep-seated bond with their partners.

More so than any other Zodiac sign, Cancer values his family. You won’t find a Cancer man cheating on his wife or visiting prostitutes. Of course, these are all great qualities in a partner.

We all want our husbands to remain faithful and not stray. This devotion and loyalty is instilled in Cancer from an early age. And understandably, they expect exactly the same from their partners.

Cancer men set themselves and their partner extremely high standards. So when their partners inevitably fail these standards the Cancer man will start to suspect something is wrong.

This is why Cancer man particularly feels the sting from that green-eyed monster. They live by their own standards. They can’t understand why it is so difficult for their partners to adhere to the same ones.

Cancer man is shy, mysterious and subject to changing moods. His ruler, the Moon has a lot to do with this man’s emotions.

Imagine the tides, sweeping in and out on a daily basis, this is a Cancer man and his ever-fluctuating temperament. One minute he feels safe and secure in your love, then next he is questioning it.

And remember that Cancer gets crabby when he’s in a mood. He’ll scuttle back inside his shell and nip at you with his pinchers to stay away.

Cancer man is highly intuitive and sensitive. He’ll probably know you are thinking of having an affair before you even realize it. So, his super intuitive nature means you won’t be able to get away with cheating.

He’ll sense something is wrong and that will drive his possessive and jealous nature. He’ll start questioning you, your motives and intentions. He will want to get answers before the situation gets out of hand.

A cancer man will want to know whether the relationship is in trouble. Only then can he fix it.

Another thing to remember is that it takes an awful lot of patience and encouragement for the Cancer man to venture out from his shell. He needs to feel completely confident in your feelings for him before he opens up about his own.

One sniff of betrayal and he sidles back where he’s safe.

When they do come out from under their shell they can seem to have a tough exterior. They’ll use sarcasm and dry humor to deflect from having to show their true emotions.

But make no mistake, Cancer males are exceptionally sensitive, even more so than Pisces where family and love are concerned.

Once Cancer man has chosen you to be his wife or long-term partner he’ll want to start a family with you. By partnering with you he’s essentially putting all his trust in you.

He’s baring his soul, leaving himself vulnerable to attack. Should you betray him he’ll feel jealousy like a knife in the heart.

He can react to this jealous feeling in two ways; he can either return to the safety of his shell or lash out with his pinchers to cause the most damage.

When a Cancer man falls in love he falls deep and hard. Not only has he opened up his soul but he has left the comfort of his hard protective shell to venture out. He is exposed, soft, and open to attack.

So when he does all this it means he has found true love. This makes him jealous and possessive towards his partner. In fact, he’ll do anything to protect his family.

Remember, love is everything to a Cancer man. Family, his relationship, his partner, they mean the world to him. Try and take it away and see how jealous cancer gets.

3 Ways Cancer Men Show Their Jealous Nature

Have you noticed little changes in your Cancer man recently? Cancer is not the type to bulldoze their way around the house shouting and screaming like Aries man. They don’t go to pieces like Pisces either.

But there are subtle ways they will let you know that something is wrong.

Be wary if your Cancer guy suddenly goes quiet. This means he’s doing a lot of thinking. He is weighing up the situation in his mind. He’s collecting the evidence, examining the possibilities and coming to his own judgment.

Once he has decided he knows what’s going on he’ll confront you. And it won’t be pretty. He’ll be emotional and demand answers. But watch out for that acerbic tongue of his.

Sure, the sign of Cancer is renowned for sensitivity but it can also be cruel and sarcastic. Especially if it feels wronged and slighted.

You see, Cancer man wants you to feel his pain, his hurt. He wants you to hurt as much as he is. He won’t do it with violence or aggression, but he will use his words to devastate you.

A Cancer man won’t come straight out with the accusations, instead, he will use passive-aggressive methods to check up on you. For example, he’ll start friending your male friends on social media.

He will look over your texts and call logs. He will keep a quiet eye on the times you come home and note any differences.

3 Ways You Can Make A Cancer Man Jealous

Now we know what makes your typical Cancer male jealous, but what if he has stopped noticing you and paying you attention? How do you make your man jealous and possessive?

The first way you can make this man jealous is to stop talking to him. Remember how I said that one way to know if the Cancer male in your life is jealous is if he goes quiet? Well, you can do the same to him.

Cancer thinks that everyone acts the same way they do. So if you have suddenly stopped sharing details of your life with him, he’ll automatically assume you’re up to something.

His jealous nature will kick in. Don’t forget that Cancer is a particularly curious sign. As inquisitive crabs they scuttle across the ocean floors, searching, uprooting shells and nosing around.

I’ve said before, family is everything to this sign. This man prefers family outings to stag nights. There’s nothing he loves more than taking his brood out, showing them off, and enjoying their company.

Why on earth would you want to go anywhere without him or the kids? This is a surefire way to grab his attention and make your man jealous.

Cancer shares everything with their partners. They have no secrets from one another. They are each other’s best friend. They feel secure in the knowledge that their partners have their backs in the relationship.

What will worry them is if you begin a new friendship and treat them as your bestie. So if you want to get your man jealous, just confide in a new male friend.

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