April 22th Zodiac

Oddly appealing and attractive, a Taurus born on April 22 possesses a bright, brittle charm that works its magic in all aspects of life. Unusual circumstances and coincidences are the spice of life for these people, who may unconsciously draw excitement and danger into their lives.

April 22nd Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Taurus – Part 1

April 22th Zodiac

In every form of relating, people born on the 22nd of April stand for supporting mediators and healers that have a role to merge, connect, and create understanding in others. They feel the need to follow their hearts and their career becomes a place of home and family as they get incorporated in a certain system. Not that interested in status itself and concerned more about the financial flow and benefit, they dont have to stand out and show their work to truly excel in helping those in need, especially poor people, children, and married couples that cannot mend their differences.

April 22nd is a date of obvious intellectual strength, but its foundation is set in ones heart, emotions, and genetic inheritance. This isnt your typical mastermind story, but one that holds the stable intellectual force of grounding, practicality, everyday relationships and family matters that need to be mended, healed, and observed through a lens of acceptance and love.

A bit nostalgic and gloomy, people born on April 22nd will have a big heart that usually needs to heal. All information they get from their family growing up will stick to their emotional world and stay there until they manage to release the spasm that built in fear or spasm of one of their parents. On the other hand, this is a wonderful and extremely potent planetary row, with a lot of reflected lights and many recognizable and admirable things found in relationships and people who give them the feel of tenderness and intimacy. It is of outmost importance for these individuals not to close their hearts when they get hurt and to continue their search for true connections with people whose souls followed their own, from one lifetime to another.

Lepidocrocite in quartz can be an excellent solution for some of the problems those born on the 22nd of April might have. It is a stone with a soothing vibration that calms hyperactivity and helps a person stay in the inner state of peace needed for them to make choices that lead them to happiness. It is a barrier against negativity and a crystal that heals romantic and loving relationships, also assisting a person overcome any possible problems caused to their aura by substance abuse.

To bring joy into lives of those born on April 22nd, buy them a gift for their home and something they can hold on to and remember for a long time. It can be something wonderful to touch or some small figurine, seven little elephants, or an Indian mandala to remind them of fortunes of life. Whatever you choose, be sure it is something pleasing for their eye, and stay in emotional touch with them during your shopping. Dont choose modern gifts, tablets, telephones, or anything similar. They would enjoy any declaration of love much more at any time.

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