April 21st Zodiac

April 21st Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Taurus – Part 1

April 21st Zodiac

Every person born on April 21st excels in things that involve other people and other worlds. They will be mediators in some seemingly impossible situations and resolve conflicts between different individuals, or in some cases – entire countries. As they turn to their true and rational nature, they become very good in controversial sciences, astrology, engineering, or programming, with the readiness confront their inner Taurus need for natural things, and its stubborn dismissal of modern technology.

Those born on April 21st need to liberate themselves from patterns they learned in their primal family. Life will teach them that their close surroundings from childhood arent the only possible surroundings, and that their way of functioning can differ. Their entire life is a constant reminder that they arent the same as any one of their parents. Individuality such as this one is hard to incorporate in a family tree, even though they seem mellow and ready to jump in and become whoever needed for the occasion. It is their responsibility to manifest through all that is special and separate from other peoples flaws and energies as life goes on.

These two symbols seem to be very different in their manifestation, for one of them stands for the source of life and the other for the destructive forces of nature. However, the first beat of our heart needs electricity just as much as it needs the water it grows in, and these symbols combined teach us about the similar relevance of things that seem different, some of them impossible to live without and others destructive and rare. It is a story of a two-sided coin that exists as one whole.

The 21st of April speaks of a time that continues something that has already started and speaks of the lack of experience a person has when it comes to physical pleasures of the world. This is a place of hunger but still a point of rational approaches, and a fine line those born at this time search for hides somewhere between feelings and reason. When found, it helps them recover actual possibility to be happy.

A choice of a birthday gift for a person born on the 21st of April can always be something romantic and classic, to spark their senses and give them a beautiful memory. Anything from a ride in a horse carriage in the park, to a poem, or a perfume that will remind them of a phase of life, puts a smile on their face. They love their gifts expensive but only when they arent creative enough to truly touch their heart, so if you decide on something common such as a perfume, a watch, makeup or a tie, choose one from the top of your price range.

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