Activate Pandora Music on Your DirecTV At

How to setup Pandora on DirecTV?

Activate Pandora Music on Your DirecTV At

Using Pandora With DirecTV: It is pretty easy and hassles free to use Pandora With DirecTV. For you to make this possible then you need your activation code. is the website you need to visit to accomplish this task. You can view details on how to set up, connect and use Pandora with Directv.

All Pandora Radio services on DirecTV can be accessed through the internet. It is not really a big task to access Pandora music because you subscribed to DirecTV because Pandora music station is now available on your DirecTV. If you are a new user then you can activate your accounts by entering the given code on your devices.

– Firstly, go to your TV and tap on the Menu button on your remote. – Choose Extras from your options displayed and select Pandora. – Then launch the Pandora application on your TV immediately. Look carefully at the welcome screen, you will see the activation code on your TV. – Click on the link and enter the activation code you got from the TV. – After that follow the steps to create a Pandora online account. – But if you have already created Pandora online account then just log in. – After the processing is complete, you will see a confirmation code on your screen. – Then your TV will automatically be guided to your station list.

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