9 Ways His Body Language Is Saying “I Love You”

Body language signs
  • He naturally gravitates towards you. …
  • He mirrors your body language. …
  • He instinctively protects you. …
  • He wants to be your everyday hero. …
  • He’s always happy when you’re around. …
  • Frequent eye contact. …
  • His pupils dilate. …
  • He can’t help but stare at you.

11 Body Language Signs He’s Falling In Love With You | animated video

1. He gives you a lotless personal space.

This is a reallycrucial indicator that a man is falling in love with you. If he is into you, hewill stand or sit as close to you as possible. They are quite literally showingyou that they want to get closer to you. Someone’s personal space is really intimate,and so if he is trying to sneak in close to you, he is showing you that he isopen to being intimate with you.

Naturally, you aregoing to want to be close to someone that you are only sexually attracted to ofcourse. However, being close to someone also shows that they are allowingthemselves to show a certain amount of vulnerability by putting themselves outthere.

You might notice thisobviously by him trying to be really close to you when having a conversation,or the sign might be less obvious. For example, if you are with other people,they might just make a subtle point of always standing nearby you or choosingto sit next to you at a dinner table. They are singling you out. They’re intoyou.

2. He touches youmore.

If a man is falling in love with you, he will use every excuse to touch you and feel your skin on his. This can be anything from a small graze of your shoulder to touching the arch of your back as you walk together. Other obvious ways that he would touch you can include hand holding or putting his arm on your leg under the dinner table.

His body will be goingcrazy for you every time he even touches you slightly, and his heart will befluttering. These subtle touches might not be very noticeable, but if you knowwhat to look for you will be able to notice that they are more than justfriendly. It will be more obvious if he is not a very ‘touchy-feely’ person butis suddenly making a lot of effort to feel your skin on his.

In addition to this,look out for his interactions when you greet each other. The majority of peoplewill hug when they see each other, some might even kiss on one or both cheeks.If you notice that he is lingering on to the hug just a little too long, orkissed a little too close to your lips, then it is a sure sign that he hasfeelings for you.

signs he loves you deeply body language

3. He might mirroryour body language.

An obvious, old schoolsign that someone is into someone else is if they copy the other person’sactions. For example, if the man falling for you is sat opposite you, he mightmirror the way that your sat, or do the same actions that you do. These actionscan be anything from copying you running your hands through your hair, totaking a drink at the same time as you.

He probably won’t evenrealize that he is doing it. His subconscious will be nervously making him copyexactly what you are doing. If you suspect he is doing this, but you aren’tsure, why don’t you just simply pick up your glass and take a sip or changeyour seating position? It will tell you all you need to know.

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