9 Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You (Look Out)

You should never be worried for a Cancer man to cheat on you, as they despise this the most. But when he is playing you, he will not care to make you feel safe in him and make you not doubt his loyalty to you. Instead, he will look, flirt and play just as he plays with you. Leave him without thinking twice about it.

7 Signs a Cancer Man is Playing You

What Are The Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You?

A Cancer man is someone who, if he wants to know you better will give you 100% of his attention whenever you see each other. If he’s just playing you and doesn’t want to take your casual dating situation into a serious relationship, you should look out for him checking his phone all the time when he is with you.

Because a Cancer man can be incredibly intense, keeping an eye out for times when he does not dedicate his entire concentration on you can be a big hint that he’s just not that into you. You want to see your

Cancerian man leaving distractions like his phone in his pocket, or not talking to people over Whatsapp or on FaceTime when he’s with you.

The reason being is that if he does want to take things further with you, he will want to make the most of the one on one time he has with you. He won’t want to waste it on his phone.

There is nothing more annoying than someone who is difficult to contact or is evasive with you when making plans. It’s also one of the signs that you should be very aware of if you are dating a Cancer man.

Given their intense nature, if they want to do something, they are forthcoming in making plans to do it. If that means that they want to see you, they will move heaven and earth to do so.

If he is evasive and never answers your questions about meeting up directly, then this is a big indication that he is simply playing you and doesn’t see your relationship going anywhere. This can be disheartening especially when you feel like you had a connection.

If you feel this is the case, do try to talk to him about his elusive tactics to give him the opportunity to explain himself – even if it is so you can find out his true feelings towards you. It means you can draw a line underneath the relationship quickly if you need to.

It can be very confusing when dating a Cancer man if he makes plans with you and then cancels them. The reason being is that by making plans with you he is making you feel like he wants to see you. When he cancels them, you’ll be disappointed but at least you will feel that he is at least a little interested to even try to make those plans with you in the first plans.

Sadly, making plans and canceling on you at the last minute is one of a Cancer man’s tactics to play you. As said before, he is someone who is very intense and motivated. The result is that if he wants to see you, he will see you. He will not cancel plans with you unless he has a good reason.

He may well appear to be canceling plans with you for good reason, which can add to the confusion that you are feeling. However, simply be aware that if he keeps canceling on you, despite having a supposed good reason, he could simply be lying to you to save your feelings.

It may, therefore, be a good idea to ask him directly when you have had enough of his cancellations whether he is serious about taking things forward with you or not.

4. He Never Asks You To Meet His Friends.

Cancer men have a small group of really close friends that they love to spend time with. As a result, if he is into the girl he is dating, a Cancer man will want the girl to meet his friends so he can get their opinions. If you get on with them, it can make or break how he views your future together.

Bearing that in mind, if your Cancer man is constantly making plans with his mates, but he never asks you along, then this can be a sign he is playing you. A Cancer man not only wants buy-in from his friends, but he also wants to spend as much time with the girl he is into as possible.

The result is, if he is dating you, but doesn’t see a future with you, then he won’t ask you along to drinks with his friends or parties with his mates.

This is a massive warning sign that the Cancer man that you are dating just isn’t into you for a serious partnership. Instead, if he never stays at yours, he is most likely a Cancer man that is just using you for a casual relationship.

A Cancer man is a sensitive soul so he will take sleeping over at yours as a way to be closer to you and to make the most of your time together. He will enjoy the closeness that staying in your bed will bring – whether you have had sex or not.

He is an incredibly sensual person thanks to being so sensitive and intense. As a result, staying over at yours will be a natural action for him, if he not playing you.

6. He Doesn’t Want You To Stay The Night.

A direct extension of not wanting to stay over at yours is also never asking you to stay the night at his. This could be before or after you have fooled around, but either way, if he doesn’t ask you to stay, you need to be aware of the chance that he’s playing you.

He will no doubt make a reasonable excuse as to why he doesn’t want you to stay. Cancer men are incredibly charming after all. But of all the zodiac signs, if he doesn’t want you to sleep with him then you are most likely with a man who is playing you.

One of the nicest things about being in a serious and dedicated relationship is the affection you give and get from your partner. For a Cancerian in a relationship, affection is essential.

Therefore, if your guy doesn’t hold your hand, put his arm around you or kiss you in public, then it is likely that he is just playing you. If he sees a future with you he will want to show the world that you are his girlfriend. If he doesn’t care about taking your relationship further, he won’t want to kiss you in public as he will be wanting to keep his options open.

A Cancer man may call you or contact you with the most legitimate of excuses regarding his behavior. But if he is doing this repeatedly – either for canceling on you, not showing up to events with you, not asking you to stay with him or anything else where he makes an excuse for his actions be on your guard that he is playing you.

A Cancer man is someone who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. If you are the something that he wants, he will not need to make excuses for less than gentlemanly behavior. Instead, he will be a courteous, chivalrous boyfriend that supports you as and when you need it.

While flirting with other women is often a sign that something is not right in any relationship, it is particularly important to keep an eye out for if your Cancer man is doing it. As a sensitive and loyal person, but only to those that he respects, if he is playing you, he will happily flirt with other females in his eye line.

This behavior is hurtful and disrespectful to you. If you don’t like it, it will probably help you both in the future if you speak to him about it and how it upsets you. If he wants you to stick around, he should change his actions immediately.

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