9 Reasons Why the Guy Slept With You and Now Wants to Be Friends

What It Means When A Guy Just Wants To Be Friends: From Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

Why Men Want to be Friends After Sleeping with You?

he just wants to be friends after hooking up 2

Some men are not looking for anything serious and that’s why they might want to be just friends after sleeping with a girl.

This obviously not fair unless they told you about their intentions beforehand.

To avoid guys who just want to get into your pants first of all find out about their dating history.

Do they usually stay with a woman for a long time or move from one girl to another as soon as something better comes up?

If he is, think twice before hooking up with him.

It is unlikely that he will treat you differently than all the other girls that he slept with.

If you slept with a guy on the first date it is possible that all the attraction was only physical.

After sleeping with you, the guy realized that there is no intimate connection.

He may still be interested in you as a friend but doesn’t want to date you.

Try to go on at least three dates with a guy before sleeping with him.

If you both were at a party and were drunk when you slept together, it was just a one night stand.

There is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t date someone you had a one night stand with.

This is especially true if you didn’t get to know each other before getting intimate.

It was fun but there is no attraction and it is time to move on.

It is possible that something happened in the bedroom that turned off your partner and now he only sees you as a platonic friend.

Maybe you didn’t shave, didn’t want to use protection, were too quiet, or finished too fast.

However, in most cases, it has nothing to do with you and you are simply not physically compatible.

he just wants to be friends after hooking up 2

Maybe the reason why he only wants to be friends with you is that he is already dating someone.

You both were drunk and your bodies took over but now the next day he realized that he made a mistake and doesn’t want to repeat it again.

6. He feels like you are out of his league

It is possible that he is either shy or lacks self-esteem and that’s why he wants to be friends instead of risking rejection by asking you to be his girlfriend.

7. He wants you to be his friend with benefits (FWB)

If the guy slept with you and still wants to be friends, it is likely that he will try to hook up with you later again.

You need to decide for yourself if this is something you want before answering his booty call the next time he calls.

If the guy thinks you are too easy and anyone can sleep with you, he will likely prefer to stay friends instead of dating you.

This is especially true if you slept with him while still in a relationship with someone else.

It is also possible that his male friends will judge him if he starts a serious relationship with a woman who sleeps around and known for cheating on her boyfriends.

If you were friends with a guy for a long time before sleeping with him, it is possible that the guy might only think of you as a friend.

Many men still find their platonic girlfriends physically attractive and will sleep with them if the right time comes.

However, this doesn’t mean that they want to date them.

Sleeping with you was a mistake in his mind and now he wants to take the things back.

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