9 Clear Signs a Leo Man Likes You (He Has Feelings For You)

Ideally, your Leo interest would confidently and directly declare his attraction for you if you’ve drawn his favor. Some Leo guys do this, but most will take their time. Leo is courageous but also sensitive to rejection. He’ll likely want to test the waters first to see how warm you are to him.

He wants to know everything about you. Leos can be pretty self-absorbed, but they’ll focus on someone they like. He’ll spend time getting to know you because he wants to be the best partner and make you happy. When a Leo likes you, he’ll listen intently when you talk and ask you a ton of open-ended questions.

How To Know if Leo Man Likes You! – 9 Signs

1. His eyes have been locking in on you

Leo men have an intense, fiery gaze. You can see his soul in his eyes, as well as his longing for you.

Eye contact is a consistent sign of attraction, and Leo men know it. When they like you they will have a hard time keeping their eyes off of you. They will linger on you, waiting for you to glance their way. If you look his way and he makes direct eye-contact with you, holding it until you look away, that means you’ve caught his interest and he’s trying to catch your attention with a dominant frame.

So check out what his eyes are doing when he’s around you. Can you spot him checking you out? Is he looking your way to see if you’re enjoying yourself? If you’re in a group together, is he looking to meet eyes with you when something funny/entertaining happens? All signs that he’s into you.

2. He gives you tons of attention and compliments you freely

Leo’s men understand that attention is a potent currency. They know how to draw attention to themselves, and know the power of giving it to another.

When a Leo guy likes you, he will be sure to go out of his way to make sure you feel warm and desirable. He’ll praise you and lavish you with admiration. He’ll also be sure you know how impressed he is by the things you say and do. You’ll probably notice all the extra attention if you’re on the lookout for it.

Here are some additional ways your Leo guy may lavish attention on you:

  • He compliments your look. This could be your makeup, hair, clothes, etc. He makes sure to point out any changes you make to your appearance.
  • He cheers on your personal efforts and makes sure you feel supported. He makes sure to point out of all of your talents, skills, and potential.
  • He’s constantly finding reasons to talk to you and always comes up with fresh discussion topics to keep things flowing, asking for your opinion all along the way.
  • He shows enthusiasm for a wide variety of your interests, to the point of trying some out himself.
  • He pushes you to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, helping you along the way.
  • If he’s giving you regular attention and affirmation, check to see how deep his complimentary comments are. Is he fixated purely on your appearance? Or is he going deeper and praising your character traits and qualities. The deeper he dives into your personality traits, the more likely it is that he’s into you.

    3. He shows off and dramatizes his actions around you

    Leo men are proud and have an incredible flair for dramatics. They’re showmen at heart and love it when the attention is on them.

    He values the spotlight in all aspects of life. And this certainly holds true when he’s into a woman and wants to catch her attention.

    If he likes you, he’ll talk louder in your presence, tell his best jokes, show off his skills in all areas, and overall make sure that you’re witnessing the most dramatic and elegant side of his personality.

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