8 Tell-Tale Signs A Cancer Man Isn’t Interested

What To Do When A Cancer Man Or Cancer Woman Is Ignoring You Or Cuts You Off [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

8 Signs Cancer Man Is Not Interested In You

These guys are notorious for seeing the tiniest details of your life. Not because they are nosy or aiming to stalk you at a later date, it’s because they are genuinely interested in you.

This man has a little notebook in his head and is constantly writing down your likes and dislikes, any problems you’ve got so that he can make your life better. One of the first signs hes not into you anymore is when he stops noticing or doing these little things.

This sign lies within the fourth house of the Zodiac. This represents home and family. More than any other, this sign feels strongly drawn to their loved ones.

They are extremely protective of their loved ones. They grab them with their pinchers and shelter them under their hard shells. One of the signs that he’s not interested is if he stops including you in family events.

Cancer man cannot control his moods. This is down to that pesky Moon in their sign. One minute they are riding high on the crest of a wave, the next they’re emotionally drained.

However, they can hide them, especially if they are committed to their partner. It’s time to worry when they stop hiding their bad moods.

4.  He Stays Out More Than He Stays In

One of the biggest signs that our cancer man is not interested is if he doesn’t like coming home any more. This guy is a real home-body. There’s nothing they love more than curling up with their lover, on the couch, cuddling all night.

In fact, your average cancer man prefers to stay home with their loved one. They want to get to know you. That’s the ideal date night for him. If hes going out it means hes not interested.

Now, this might seem like an odd one, but our cancer man loves to cook for his girlfriend. For him, food really does equate to love. It goes back to that homely nature of his again.

When he cooks he’s literally putting his love on a plate for you. And for this shy star sign, this is a huge deal. If he’s stopped you need to know why.

Seeing his woman flirting with another guy is like a dagger to the heart for cancer. It wounds him more than any other sign and he feels this pain of betrayal keenly.

In actual fact, many cancer guys can become quite needy and clingy when they feel threatened by another man. If you want to see if he’s not interested, try flirting and see what happens.

At the start of a relationship, cancer might seem shy and reluctant to make the first move. However, once he’s established your feelings, he’ll always want to make the decisions. This is down to him wanting to please, care and protect you.

Remember his little mental notebook I talked about earlier? He stores all his important stuff about you in there so that he can pounce and make things better. The moment he stops and allows you to make the decisions is the moment he’s not interested anymore.

He can be either too sensitive or really, really too sensitive. The fact is, they’re never not sensitive if you catch my drift. You could say that sensitivity is their middle name.

Emotions and feelings run deep in these guys, theyll never want to hurt you. You’re either under their shell with them, or you’re out in the cold, fending for yourself.

The thing is with our cancer man is that hes got too many other family members to protect and worry about.

Those are signs hes not interested in you, how does our cancer guy let us know that hes interested?

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