8 Clear Signs That a Libra Man Likes You (Is He Interested?)

To figure out his level of desire, you should also pay attention to his eyes when you’re in a group together. Libra men are highly socially conscious, like to be liked, and will try to connect and get the attention of people they like. So see if he’s glancing at you to see how good of a time you’re having, or if a joke is made, see if he looks at you quickly to share a reaction with you. All signs of interest.

How to Know if a Libra Man Likes You
  • He makes time for you.
  • He can’t take his eyes off you.
  • He compliments you.
  • He shows genuine interest in your life.
  • He introduces you to his family and friends.
  • He makes an effort to spend time with your friends.
  • He goes out of his way to touch you.

10 Signs Libra Man Likes You

2. He’s starting a lot of conversations with you

Libra is an air sign and the air element makes these men super chatty and conversational. If a Libra guy is into you he’ll talk your head off when he gets the chance. He’ll always find more and more topics of discussion for you two to talk about.

He’ll also likely text or call you when you’re not with each other. He’ll either text you to ask your opinions on a wide range of topics or he could even text without a reason (which is a big sign of interest).

Look out for questions that he poses which cause you to reveal your relationship status. He might probe to see if you’re together with someone by asking about your living situation, social life, relationship history, etc.

Libra men are highly complimentary by nature. He loves beauty and when interested in someone will be compelled to comment on any physical or personality traits that he finds appealing in them.

He might tell you how great you look in your outfit, comment on some specific item of clothing or jewelry (Libra is aesthetic and fashion inclined). If he really likes you, he’ll go deeper with his comments and compliment your personality and other non-physical traits you possess.

4. His body language and the way he looks at you signals interest

A Libra man who has a crush on you won’t be able to help himself from displaying it with his body language.

How do you know what body language he’ll use to show interest? Here’s a brief list:

  • He gives you lots of smiles. Libra men are charmers that know how to give big, genuine smiles to the object of their interest.
  • He faces his body in your direction. If he’s into you he’ll adjust his body so that it faces you. He might face his torso to you, his legs, his feet, his head, etc.
  • He mirrors your movements. It’s a classic sign of interest when a guy starts to reflect your movements. It means he’s tuned in to you and receptive.
  • He makes self-grooming type movements. Libra men are styled and like to look good. If he likes you he will sometimes adjust his clothing or hair when talking with you. Look for him to groom his hair or adjust his shirt.
  • You can put his body language to a test by mentioning that someone else likes you or that you have a date planned. See how he responds – if he shifts or looks uncomfortable, even for a moment, then he probably likes you.

    5. He’s respectful and shows genuine interest in you as a person

    A Libra man that likes you will go beyond simple compliments. He will dive into you more personally and get to know you. This is partly because he’s fascinated by you and also to test to see if you would be a good partner for him.

    He’ll use your name all the time in conversation, he’ll ask you a lot of personal questions, take interest in your hobbies, and remember the details of what you share with him.

    He’ll also show respect by giving you his undivided attention and will be sure to keep his phone away.

    Most importantly… Libra will confide in you if he’s attracted to you. He will show emotional vulnerability and share with you multiple challenges he’s experienced in life. He might say things that he hasn’t told other people.

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