71+ Questions to Ask a Girl on Tinder That Will Make Her Open Up to You

Best Tinder Questions To Ask A Girl

Tip #1: Good tinder opening questions – Is it possible?

Hell yes, look:

I hereby give you the first question.

[cm] What was the last time you did something for the first time? (And what was it) [/cm]

This is a great Tinder icebreaker question in my opinion.

I’ve had some real deep dives right off the bat. Yes even on Tinder. Still it all depends on the girl and you’ll have to gauge that off of her profile.

Sadly, her reply is even more boring than people who Instagram their food. Luckily, I’m able to recover this boring conversation…

By using one of my phrases from my free WhatsApp Cheat Sheet. You can copy and paste these phrases into your own chats.

Your chats will never land in the country of Boredom again. And your Tinder date will land right in front of you.

Now, is this question to ask on Tinder the ultimate conversation starter with a 100% response rate?

Every woman is different. One person might think this question is very interesting, the other might not.

Of course, for every question you get from me make sure that you have your own answer ready as well.

You better have something prepared to keep the momentum going.

Here is another container ship filled with interesting questions to ask a girl on Tinder:

Tip #2: Good questions to ask on Tinder – Everything that is not generic

Let’s start with the Tinder question list.

Pro tip:

Look for extremes.

You can ask her these:

[cm] What is the furthest country you’ve been to? [/cm]

[cm] What is the weirdest thing you’ve said to someone? [/cm]

[cm] What is the best question you can ask someone? [/cm]

[cm] What is your most embarrassing thing if I Google your name? [/cm]

[cm] What is the weirdest place you’ve had sex? [/cm]

Want more Tinder questions?

In a minute. First, check this important tip so you won’t ruin your conversation halfway:

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