70 Incredible Tinder Bios That Changed The ‘Tinder Bio’ Game Forever

FUNNIEST Tinder Bios That Will Make You Swipe Right – Part 2 – REACTION

16 Simple, Short, And Funny Tinder Bios

Types of bios we’re talking about: The ones you feel the urge to copy and pretend that you came up with them yourself because you haven’t been having ideas and you felt like you could do better.

You see, a lot of people try to write a decent bio, and end up writing a long boring one that most don’t even bother to read and you simply get a left swipe.

What you want to do is write a short and funny Tinder bio. Something striking, funny, and wholesome.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen… Don’t you worry, because I’ve got you. For realsies!

Short bios tend to get more matches. According to the statistics, having a bio on your profile will automatically improve your chances of getting a match.

Here you have 16 short and funny Tinder bios for guys and gals to copy-paste:

#1 A truth and a lie

funny dating profile bio 3

This. This is a special one. It surely does represent a funny Tinder bio!

You see, Alex is way too honest to swipe left on him. He’s also way too funny and creative to swipe left on him. Let’s learn from Alex, dear fellas.

#2 “They had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie”

funny dating profile bio 3

I mean yes. “They had us in the first half” but, then after the first half, they had us once more.

If you’re not that much into ‘MAKE ME CUM’, you can make your version like:

“I like women that make me CRAZY. C – capture my heart R – races with me who drinks more beer A – appreciate hugs and kisses Z – zebras. You should listen to me talk about zebras Y – yawn like crazy.”

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