7 Ways To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

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How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

There are a few ways to get this complicated star sign to chase you. A Pisces man has many different facets to his character and so there are a few tactics that you undertake. You’ll know which one is best depending on exactly what your Pisces guy is like and what his strongest Pisces characteristics are.

Here are our recommendations for how to get a Pisces man to chase you:

A Pisces man, thanks to his artistic and creative streak is always looking for new ways to entertain himself in his spare time. As a result, anyone that wants to attract a Pisces man and have him chase her will need to be fun-loving and willing to give anything a try.

He also, despite his emotional and moody ways, likes to see the object of his affection be carefree and not take life too seriously. While he, as mentioned before, admires loyalty towards friends and family, he also loves to see women who are happy to do frivolous things.

Bearing all this in mind, it can be a good idea to invite him along to things that are that little bit different. As opposed to being the one that always suggests a drink or dinner for a date idea, why don’t you suggest something out of the ordinary? Given a Pisces man’s creative streak this could mean an art class, a historical walk around your nearest town or city or perhaps going to see the latest IT show at the theatre.

Whatever it is, make sure that you keep your personality as fun and happy as much as possible. He’ll find it incredibly attractive and should hopefully be chasing after you in no time.

Thanks again to their moody and sensitive natures, a Pisces man finds it incredibly alluring for the object of his affection to be enigmatic and a little bit cryptic at times. He sees it as a challenge and this is what will make him chase you.

Bearing this in mind don’t lay everything out on a plate for him about you and your ways. He likes to try to figure you out as it appeals to his emotional and attentive sensibilities. Sometimes, it can feel a little strange trying not to be as open as you can with someone about what you are really like. But it works well with a Pisces man to leave some things unsaid and hold back a little.

This can be tough given how wonderful a boyfriend a Pisces man can be. To a Pisces man, secrets are what keep him interested and it is what will make him chase you. It also keeps things fresh in a relationship so it can help you further down the line too.

If you do not think the above two tactics will work for you and your Pisces man, one other option you have to get him to chase you is to play hard to get. If you have started dating, or you get the impression that he is at least flirty with you, try to be less available to him. Much like being enigmatic, this will pique his interest even more and have him chasing after you in no time.

Sometimes playing hard to get is not always a tactic that works with every man as sometimes they just think you are not interested at all. The result can be that they simply stop trying to win you over. But with a Pisces man, he likes a challenge and also tends to be attuned to a woman’s feelings enough to realize that you may be interested, but just a little hesitant – for whatever reason.

The result can be, if that sounds like your Pisces man, that he will stop at nothing until you are both dating and in a relationship with one another. This is another way on how to get a Pisces man to chase you.

Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

Once you have got your Pisces man to chase you, you may be wondering what he does when he is in love with you. It is good to know what a Pisces man is like when he is falling for a person because then you will know whether your tactics are working or not.

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