7 Ways Capricorn Man Tests A Woman

CAPRICORN MAN Tests A Woman LIKE this ♑️

4. He doesn’t show signs that he wants anything more than friendship

A Capricorn man in love is a special breed because there’s no way of telling whether he likes you as more than a friend or if he’s just being considerate. Well, if anything, he’s very fond of his friends and he uses your friendship to get to know you better.

The main difference between friends and romantic partners is that there’s no pressure in platonic relationships. He uses that advantage to have fun with you, plan things with you and see whether he can enjoy life with you.

Everything he does while you’re friends can be seen as a test. When you’re in a club, he’ll want to dance with you but he’ll also make sure to never cross any boundaries.

If you’re confused about his behavior, just watch how he looks at you. Friends don’t look at each other that way, friends don’t flirt with each other so casually.

Don’t doubt your own instincts and instead use this time to impress him. He believes that if you can be good friends, you’ll also make amazing lovers.

capricorn man testing my patience

A fake person would never do you any favors, they just want to use the opportunity to take everything you have to offer. A Capricorn man knows that and he’ll test you to see whether you’re one of these people.

He has his life together, he’s independent, and he knows what he wants. Asking you for a favor is his way of seeing whether you’re ready to help him out and nothing more than that.

This man won’t ask anything major of you. He’d much rather do things by himself but he wants to know whether he can rely on you, which is why you could get a message from him saying that he needs something.

The way you react is very important. You can set boundaries to protect yourself if needed but also show him that you’re available. This way, he won’t exploit your kindness but he’ll know that you’re not someone he can push around however he pleases.

That’s actually exactly what he’s looking for. A people-pleaser isn’t high on his list of the people he loves and he’d much rather have someone honest by his side.

If you want a long-term relationship with a Capricorn, you’ll have to appease his hero instinct. One of the first signs a Capricorn man loves you is that he will do anything to make you happy, which is why he’ll be so adamant about being there for you.

If you’re sick, he’s there to make you soup. If you’re stressing out about something at work, he’ll help you solve that problem too.

He’ll do anything just to show you that you can rely on him. He needs to know that you’ll let him be there for you, so instead of pushing him away, let him help you out.

However, be careful. Don’t take his offers of help for granted and don’t expect him to help every single time you need something because that could easily backfire.

capricorn man testing my patience

It may hurt to hear this but his career is the most important thing in his life. He doesn’t care about money as much he does about success, so he’ll do anything to achieve his goals.

His love life isn’t that important to him and even if he loves you, you’re still second to his work. Are you ready to deal with that? Because how a Capricorn man tests you says a lot about him.

One of those tests will be to see how you react when he stays late at work again and again. He’ll repeat the significance of this over and over again, just to make sure that you understand the importance of his job.

It’ll become frustrating in a matter of days and if you’re not okay with this, then you need to be honest with yourself. No man in this world is handsome enough to make you endure this type of behavior if you don’t want to.

You have the right to speak up about your own wants and needs. If you need a man who’s there for you and always gets home at a reasonable time, then a Capricorn may not be the best option for you. You don’t even need to look at the compatibility between your two signs to know that.

Yes, he’ll be there for you, and yes, you’ll be able to rely on him. However, he’ll watch closely to make sure that you’re just as independent as he is, especially when it comes to finances and making your own decisions.

If you’re an Aquarius or Virgo, you have nothing to worry about; you’re independent by nature and you don’t need a partner to make you happy. But if you’re a Taurus or a Libra, you love to love so the center of all of your attention is your partner.

If he was a Cancer man, you could get the romantic relationship of your dreams but he’s ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of restriction and limitation. He thinks rather than feels, so you need to be just as independent as he is.

Show him that you have your life together and that you know where you’re going with your career. If you’re too needy or co-dependent, then he’ll run away from you before you know it.

capricorn man testing my patience

This Capricorn guy will test your patience. He’ll try everything to see you lose your cool and to get you to show him that you’re weaker than him.

For that exact reason, if you’re a firey sign like Sagittarius or Aries, you could have a very short temper. His behavior will drive you crazy while he’ll enjoy the show.

Whatever sign you are, don’t let him get the better of you. Once you see that he says things without any context or that he’s simply trying to get a reaction out of you, walk away.

Don’t let him see you get irritated. Rather than that, give yourself some time to cool off. If you want to go back to him afterward to communicate this through, he should be more than ready to do that.

However, he could go overboard and get you riled up for no other reason than to use it as a manipulation tactic. Don’t let him see that he has that sort of power over you and he’ll definitely be impressed by your patience and want to have you around him even more.

10. He pays close attention to how you handle stress

One of his obvious personality traits is that he seems very calm. Even though this man feels stress, he doesn’t really show it publicly unless it escalates.

How does a Capricorn man test you? Well, during the initial stages of your relationship, he’ll do so by sharing his worries with you. He’ll use that to spike your stress levels to see how you react, even if this doesn’t seem fair.

He’ll also definitely be on the sidelines watching every move you make to see how you deal with your own stress. He can’t deal with hysterics, so he’d much rather walk away from you than deal with drama.

If he’s not causing you any stress, then he’s trying to figure out how you act when other things are making you anxious. If something happens to you at work, he’ll watch closely to see how you handle the situation once you get home.

He’s watching you even at times when you’re stressing over a fight with your friend. It may sound creepy but he’s just making sure that you can also handle things rationally without your emotions getting in the way.

11. He wants to see whether you take care of things

capricorn man testing my patience

I once read that things last as long as you take care of them. This can be said about the plants you keep in your home, your pets, as well as your other relationships.

Once you start to take care of things, you know how valuable they are, so you can’t expect a friendship to last if you’re not putting effort into it. You can’t expect your plants to be healthy or your pets to stay alive if you don’t care for them, as they rely on you completely.

This can also be said about materialistic things. Has he by any chance given you some sort of present, like a necklace or even something that may have seemed insignificant at first?

He probably gave you that gift as a test, to see whether you’d look after it or break it, which is a great metaphor for your relationship. He takes care of his loved ones, so he wants to know whether you’d take care of your relationship too.

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