7 Techniques to Arouse a Woman Over Text (+ Screenshots)

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3 Safe Ways to Arouse a Woman over Text

#1: How to arouse her like Christian Grey

Christian Grey is the absolute king of arousing women.

If you live under a rock, Christian is the main character from the infamous book, 50 Shades of Ga… uh… Grey.

Which, according to Forbes, made its writer the top-earning author in the world.

Although the book was a raging success, many people saw it as a joke.

And if you disagree, I’ll gladly wear your insult like a badge of honor.

So here’s why Christian Grey is an absolute mad lad.

He’s an SM millionaire who wants to explore every inch of an average-looking woman’s body. And in pursuit of his goal, he stays mysterious, plays psychological games, and displays hyper dominant behavior.

(Like confiscating her car which he deems unsafe for her, and replacing it with a Hummer.)

All that behavior flies against the typical male understanding of the female mind.

Christian Grey’s behavior is the complete opposite of men who get friendzoned.

  • He isn’t overly respectful
  • He isn’t too interested in her life
  • He isn’t looking at her like she’s an innocent princess
  • He doesn’t touch her like she’s as fragile as 5,000-year-old cup of porcelain
  • Most men will look at these behaviors and think he’s an aggressive terror to women.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that 50 Shades of Grey sold over 15 million copies.

    And trust me, women didn’t buy the novel for its captivating plot.

    Now I hear you thinking:

    “Ok, Louis, does that mean I have to be an SM-dominant billionaire to arouse women?”

    Well, it would definitely help, but the answer is NO!

    In fact, this tip is not even about Christian Grey at all.

    The point that most men miss, is that 50 Shades of Grey was the fastest-selling book of ALL TIME…

    because it aroused women like no other book has done before.

    What made the book so arousing is the basis of this article.

    Because if you understand the secret to 50 Shades Of Grey, you know the secret to arousing women over text.

    Let’s see what that key ingredient to arousal is, in the next tip.

    #2: The secret to arouse a woman over text

    In this tip I’m giving you the main ingredient to arouse women over text.

    And you’ll start to get an idea of how to change your own text messages.

    See, if you’d pick up a copy of 50 Shades of Grey…

    …then you might notice that in the first HUNDRED pages…

    And even though there hasn’t even been a kiss, women are aroused out of their minds by this point.

    That is because biologically there is a COLOSSAL difference between what turns on men and women.

    Us simple men… yes, that’s you and I, are programmed by nature to respond sexually to the visual.

    Holy Tip:

    It takes far more than seeing naked men to arouse a woman.

    Maybe you’ve ever been naked next to your girlfriend in the bathroom.

    You’re both brushing your teeth, getting ready for the day.

    You can’t help but get turned on from seeing her naked body.

    While she has no difficulty just brushing her teeth while thinking about her schedule.

    But women rarely get aroused simply by looking at a guy.

    But us men, we get turned on the briefest sight of female flesh…

    So, unclothed men aren’t a very effective way to arouse women.

    An effective way to arouse women is… CONTEXT.

    What I mean by context is all the little details that are involved with the relationship between you, and the girl.

    Consider 50 Shades Of Grey. It’s author, Erika Leonard, spent 100 pages on setting the mood before the two main characters kissed.

    BTW, this is also the reason why men are often disappointed when they email me, asking:

    “Hey Louis, how can I turn on a girl in a few messages?”

    They expect some magical copy-paste sentences to get the girl to sprint towards his house ASAP.

    If a woman would ask me how to turn on a man over text…

    You first have to create a spark, then catch the spark with some straw, and slowly grow the fire with twigs, sticks, and logs.

    Do you skip a step by going from straw to logs? Then you risk putting the fire out.

    To summarize, women need to slowly go through all the motions before she’s ready for the final act.

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