7 Steps to Find and DM Cute Guys on Instagram

There are a few ways to find cute guys on Instagram. One is to search for specific hashtags, like #hotguys or #sexymen. Another is to look through the followers of popular accounts in your area or interests. Finally, you can use Instagram’s built-in search feature to find users by name or username.

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How To Find Cute Guys On Instagram

However, if you have trouble deciding what to look for, perhaps you should just go with what you like. If you like books, perhaps its time to check out #books and go from there. And since there are millions of people on the app, you should be able to find someone you can connect with.

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Sharing an interest can definitely break the ice. It can potentially get a conversation going between the two of you, as well as sustain it. It can even give an idea of who to avoid. If you dont have a common interest, a mutual friend will do as someone who can connect you.

While its true that not everything you see on social media is true, its still safe to assume that looking through someones feed can give you an idea as to their interest. It can even tell you a bit about who he is and if hes someone youd be interested in.

Even if you like him so much and you dont think you can help it, you shouldnt like all his pictures. Youre interested, sure, but youre not a stalker. So avoid freaking him out as much as possible. Because even though you think youre being sweet and admiring, it only comes across as creepy.

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