7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Matches On Tinder And What To Do

Your profile is all set and youre excited to see who you match with. You spend a couple of days swiping on all the hot women in your city, and you wait patiently for that notification that you got a match. But its been days, and the only notifications youre getting are from gag accounts and your work email. Now youre starting to wonder, “why am I not getting matches on Tinder?” It can happen sometimes and there are so many reasons why.

In this article, Ill walk you through some of the factors that affect your Tinder experience. So dont worry; youre not getting matches not because no one likes you. You need to get to know the Tinder algorithm a little better to help you find all those matches. Heres what you need to know:

Tinder can be a difficult platform for some men and women. If you go through all these steps and still find you aren’t landing matches, it might be time to maximize your potential. We’ve reviewed the best hookup apps and websites so you have the best chance of finding a partner.

We tend to think of Tinder as a game of chance and a lack of matches is just bad luck. That couldn’t be further from the truth but I think that’s actually a good thing. Since we have the ability to influence the outcome, we aren’t at the mercy of lady luck.

We tend to think of Tinder as a game of chance and a lack of matches is just bad luck. That couldn’t be further from the truth but I think that’s actually a good thing. Since we have the ability to influence the outcome, we aren’t at the mercy of lady luck.

There has been a lot of research done on Tinder over the past year or two and its become clear that the best looking 10-15% of men get 80-90% of the attention from the women on Tinder. Thats just nuts! If youre not in that group dont be surprised if things have been rough for you.

You’re given a score based on your actions and the actions of those you’re presented to. This score then determines a large part of your success. It can be easy to lower your score without realizing it and maybe that’s why you’re left asking “Why am I not getting matches on Tinder?”. That’s okay though — raising that score can be just as easy once you understand it.

It’s referred to as an Elo score, named after its creator Arpad Elo. It’s generally used in gaming to calculate relative skill level to other users. In the context of Tinder, think of it as calculating the relative desirability of a profile. Basically, how likely it is that someone will swipe right on and interact with you based on your profile as a whole.

Tinder doesn’t disclose exactly what goes into this algorithm. What we do know is it’s about signals of desirability. If women with high Elo scores are regularly swiping right on you, we can expect that’s going to improve your score significantly. Even more so if you’re having actual conversations with these matches.

If you have a tendency to swipe right on every profile out of frustration, that’s the first thing for you to fix. Consider the likelihood of matching with the women you’re swiping on. I’m all for self-confidence and the idea that there are no ‘leagues.’ With that said, there are some limits to that on Tinder and you likely know what your realistic options are.

Some countries favor other apps over Tinder as well. In Colombia, you’re more likely to find more quality women on Bumble than on Tinder. It’s just how things are. Being the most popular app makes Tinder more susceptible to spammers and scammers, especially outside America and Europe, which can be the reason you’re not getting matches on Tinder.

So let’s start with the easiest factor to change. Check your location settings to make sure they aren’t holding you back. Setting your range to just one mile might seem like a good idea, particularly if you live in a big city. Instead, I’d suggest expanding it so you have more potential matches to choose from.

Some men also don’t realize that they should change their photos according to where they live. Girls can throw in a couple of bikini photos and get matches almost everywhere in the world. But that doesn’t work for men. Who you compete with will determine the quality of your matches. Tinder Bali or Medellin is completely different from Tinder Dubai and Barcelona. Girls tend to be pickier in the latter and men tend to be hotter and more well-rounded.

Your bio plays a big role in meeting women on Tinder. The biggest key is to make sure yours demonstrates who you are. Whether you go with a more detailed approach or a short, witty comment, one thing is for sure. Even the most basic of bios is a vast improvement on a blank one.

For example, when a 6/10 guy signs up, Tinder – who is still clueless about the guy’s rate – will show him 7s, 8s, 9s, and maybe 10s to swipe on. If those girls don’t match with him, Tinder will rate him at 6 and send him girls close to his score. On the other hand, if those 8s, and 9s swipe right on him, his Tinder score will increase and the app will send him more of those he matched with.

Tinder banned those guys without telling them. They kept using the app – some even kept paying for premium – but it messed up their scores so bad they no longer got good matches, not even average ones. And the worst part? These guys never knew they were banned until they saw their friends having the same problem.

A temporary error may have occurred on your Tinder account, which causes your data not to refresh. If you can’t find any matches on Tinder, try logging out of your account and re-login after a few minutes to reload your user data.

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What To Do If You’re Getting No Matches On Tinder

Well, that’s not the end of the world. We’ve all been there, and that’s how we learned what works and what doesn’t. I was shadow-banned myself for almost six months and all I could match with were psychos and guys who were clearly being pranked.

I remember the only hot chick I got during that period was an English girl from Stoke who offered to get me coke – as in cocaine – before the date and dropped four beers in her surprisingly small belly less than 20 minutes after sitting together. So, don’t feel desperate, you’ll get your share of good women if you do the work, or you’ll have to find a good escaping plan when girls from Stoke come knocking on your door.

Below, are a few good ways to help you overcome the online trap and get more matches on Tinder in a very short time.

1. Never delete your Tinder account more than twice

The more you do it, the more your chances of getting shadow-banned will become. If you think you’re not getting enough matches on Tinder and want more/better, then build a better profile, and/or pay for a boost or two every other week. These are enough to get you a solid stream of matches over time.

If, however, you think Tinder has shadow-banned you, then the only way out of it is this:

  • Delete Tinder permanently
  • Delete all the photos you used on your previous Tinder profile (Tinder keeps track of those with its face recognition tools)
  • Get a new sim card
  • Use a different credit card (if you’ll pay for Tinder)
  • You’ll need a new Facebook and/or Instagram account in case you connected your previous Tinder account with one or both of them
  • Some people claim you’ll need a new phone but nothing proves it, so just stick to the tips I just mentioned. Sounds tiring? It is. But that’s the only way to reset your Tinder score and get better matches.

    2. Get better photos

    Duh!!! Ask women to rate your Tinder photos or use a tool like PhotoFeeler (the paid version) to get honest feedback on your photos. If they say they’re not working, consider reading our latest guide on how to choose the best photos for your Tinder profile, then book a photo session with a solid photographer. Also consider working out, losing weight, grooming your hair/beard, and upgrading your wardrobe to look better in the new photos.

    Your photos should convey that you’re:

  • Good looking: Of course, the hotter the better, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get by with a regular dad bod. I’ve seen many guys score from Tinder, including myself before I ever had my six-pack. It’s just about showing the girl that you take care of yourself and finding the right angle for your shot. Dressing well also adds to your overall score. A good tux on a well-groomed face can do wonders to your score. Women like high-status men, and if you can make your pictures speak value to women, you’ll never complain about not getting matches on Tinder.
  • A potential suitor: Some girls will insist on dating a guy who makes more than she does, while others won’t care as long as you look hot and cool. Guys who get many matches consistently handle this provider part by showing status. This can be anything from simply wearing a nice suit to taking a photo in a classy restaurant or bar. You can also throw in a photo with your pet dog or cat. Animal photos give the impression of safety and the ability to provide because if you’re good enough to raise a dog, you’re good enough to be around children.
  • Safety: She doesn’t wanna go out with a serial killer, so looking like a pimp in your photos will harm your score without you even realizing it. One of the reasons youre screaming, “why am I not getting matches on Tinder?!” is that you don’t smile in your photos.
  • I figured this out one day when a girl said she won’t go out with me until I send her a photo of my teeth (lol!). She said she was worried that if I didn’t smile much in my photos that I may have crooked teeth.

    That was a bad experience she had before and didn’t wanna have again. Of course, I used that situation to further make her like me (I also had my teeth whitened a week earlier and wanted to show off) so we talked on Messenger for like half an hour then went on a date on the same day.

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