61 Things To Text A Guy To Get His Attention

Text Him This ONE WORD to Get His Attention (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

61 Things To Text A Guy To Get His Attention

If you suffer from shyness but want to get his attention, you can text just about anything to break your fear, but let’s keep the mystery alive by playing a little hard to get. You don’t want to come across too forward or desperate; you want him to know you have a life. To do this, you’ll need to play a little hardball.

If you’re not that close to him, you should find an excuse to text him or a way to communicate with him that’s not too forward. After all, you don’t want to come across as too strong, especially if he’s just a crush (so far)! Instead, find at least one thing that you have in common or that you know he likes and bring that thing up in conversation (via texting).

Consider sending him a sexy selfie of you (when you look your hottest). Don’t go too racy unless you completely trust him. The last thing you want is to find out he’s passing a half-naked picture of you around to his friends or exposing you on the Internet. You could also try sending a sexy meme. One that says, “You’re smoking hot!” or something like that.

You can sort of act like the damsel in distress with these texts. Don’t come across as too needy, though. You just want him to know that you are out there and are maybe interested in him. Since the questions are open-ended, you are leaving him plenty of room to make a move and get to know you better. Here are some innocent things you can write that won’t put you on the spot.

These text messages are tailored to guys you have already slept with or plan to. You want to already be in a romantic relationship or at least be in the process of cooking one up. These may seem to be a little forward, but sometimes, you have to put yourself out there and flirt to get the other person to notice you!

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