6 No Bullsh*t Ways To Deal With Broken Promises In A Relationship

How To Deal With Broken Promises In Your Relationship

1. Ask yourself if the promise was realistic – should they have made it?

The first step, as should be the case with everything in life, is to take some time out for a little reflection.

Think about this particular promise they made, as well as their empty promises in general.

Was it ever a realistic promise? Was there really any chance that they’d keep it?

And if not, do you think they knew that deep down? Did they make the promise knowing that they’d break it, or did they just not think it through?

Some of the blame here might also lie with you.

Of course, they’re a grown up, and are responsible for the promises they make. But could your behavior have influenced them into promising you things that, realistically, were never going to happen?

Maybe you were being blindly optimistic and accepting their promise when you already knew they wouldn’t keep it.

Make sure you’re not deliberately setting your partner up to fail by accepting unrealistic promises, so that you then have an excuse to be annoyed at them.

That’s a slippery slope, and would mean you’re just as much to blame in this situation as they are.

If you think this might be a problem for you, you need to focus the magnifying glass on yourself before you start worrying about your partner’s behavior.

3. Ask yourself how important the promise was to you.

Is the fact that they’ve broken this promise just a little bit annoying and frustrating, or are you genuinely hurt by the fact they’ve broken it?

Even if it seems like a small thing on the face of it, it might be important to you, especially if it’s a promise that they break repeatedly. Just because it seems trivial outwardly, if it’s significant to you then it’s not trivial at all.

But you do need to accept that you have to pick your battles in a relationship, so think about whether this is something that’s really worth fighting over.

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