6 Definite Signs A Taurus Man Is Cheating On You

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Being In A Relationship They Aren’t Fully Committed To. Taurus are not only Earth signs, they’re also fixed signs. So as you would assume, it would take a great deal for a Taurus to cheat. “Infidelity of any kind is not in their nature once they commit,” Mckean says.

Astrology: Why Taurus Men Cheat!!

6 Definite Signs A Taurus Man Is Cheating On You

If he’s had passwords that you don’t know since the beginning, this one doesn’t matter. However, if he used to have one password that you knew or did not lock his phone, but he suddenly changed it that can be pretty suspicious. Remember, there are reasons for sudden changes in behavior.

In his mind, the relationship has been over even if he hasn’t made it official yet. If he used to enjoy showering you with kisses, buying you gifts and had a date night planned every week but seems suddenly uninterested, it could be because your Taurus started seeing someone on the side.

Every man shows telltale signs that he has other women in his life. The Taurus guy will show those, but he may also show specific ones that typically apply to his zodiac. It’s important to keep eyes out for both of them to help you figure out what is going on.

Those little behaviors might mean nothing. They can be so small it makes them difficult to spot. The thing to look out for is if they continue to do them for that same someone over and over. If it’s been weeks yet they still help out more than you’re comfortable with, they are either still pursuing them with the intent to cheat or they started sleeping with them.

This guy likes to look good for you. If you like his hair in certain styles, he has no problem getting it cut to your liking. If you’ve grown accustomed to this and notice that he suddenly stops wearing the clothes you like or has decided that a completely different hairstyle is better, it could be that he is dressing the way that his new interest may like. This guy likes to feel like he is the center of attention, and he will change his appearance to suit that.

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