50 big signs a Virgo man is pushing you away

How to Know if a Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away
  • He treats you poorly.
  • He doesn’t reply to your texts.
  • He acts disinterested.
  • He’s not engaged in the bedroom.
  • He doesn’t make you a priority.
  • He isn’t eager to help you out.
  • He’s more critical than usual.
  • He doesn’t care about what you think.

How to Tell if a Virgo is Over You

3) He doesn’t want to go out in public with you

I’ve seen this one many times before and it’s always an extremely bad sign.

The relationship isn’t going anywhere fast if the man in your life isn’t willing to be seen with you in public.

Chances are that he is not ready for anything serious, so he is not willing to introduce you to his family and friends.

4) He doesn’t want to take you out on any dates

It’s very rare for a Virgo man to push you away because he’s tired of seeing you, but if he does, one of the biggest signs is that he won’t ask you out again.

Maybe it was a fluke the first time, so he gives it another try and then another…and then another.

If by number four or five your date invitations are getting turned down, there’s almost certainly a reason why.

It is a cue to you to stop insisting because he doesn’t want to continue the relationship.

5) He’s giving you a hard time about meeting his friends and family

Going out with the Virgo man’s friends or his family is a great chance for him to see how well you interact socially.

If he wants to keep you for himself, he’ll be sure to avoid setting up any social situations with anyone else.

You can try talking to him about it, but there is a high chance that you won’t get a straight answer about this.

Watch his body language and if he is avoiding eye contact, then it is time for you to direct your energy to someone else.

If he’ll treat your friends nice, it means he has good character and that you can trust him with just about anything.

If he acts mean or rude to your friends, however, it may mean that he’s not exactly at ease around other people and is worried you won’t like him if you get to know him better.

It can also mean that he simply doesn’t want to make an effort to be on good terms with them, which is an obvious sign that he is not someone you should waste your time on.

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