5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Regret Losing You

Care for your Leo ex by being kind and showing him that you’re still there as a friend. Genuinely caring about him will make him miss the emotional connection you once had. Be courteous and compassionate in all your interactions with him, even when you feel hurt.

How To Get a Leo Man Back ♌ After Break Up ? HOW TO WIN BACK A LEO MAN?

5 Ways To Make A Leo Man Regret Losing You

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If a Leo man left you, there is a big chance that you are not confident in yourself. You are not confident with who you really are, what you can do, and how you look. This is definitely something opposite to a Leo man. To make him regret losing you, use this time to improve yourself. Take this time to show him that you can be as confident and successful as him.

He might not have been treating you right because he does not see that you are treating yourself right. Well, let him know that this is definitely not the case. Let it be known that you are indeed taking care of yourself and that you are destined for greatness!

The last thing you want him to think of you is that you are needy and desperate for a relationship. So, do not even think of texting or calling him first because you will definitely give the impression.

Let him know that you are okay with living your life without him. Do not give him the satisfaction of confirming what he thinks about you.

If there is someone who needs to call first, it is him. Let him see that you are enjoying life outside the thought of losing him. Resist the urge of contacting him first!

how to make leo man regret losing you 2

Aside from being confident about himself, your Leo man is also known for his loyalty. And he does not like it when people are disloyal to him, especially his lover. You see, with a Leo man’s ego, it is very easy to make a Leo man jealous.

However, if you want your Leo man to regret losing you, do not even think of making him jealous.

If you were thinking of getting with another man just to make your Leo man jealous, then know that you are up for disaster.

To get him back, you should prove your loyalty by not getting into a new relationship too quickly and just focusing on yourself and improving. You should let him know that you are loyal to a partner and that he has lost the opportunity to experience that with you.

Your Leo man is the king of the jungle, and of course, he wants to be with someone who has the same power and strength as him. If you want him to miss you or regret losing you, you need to show a strong impression.

A Leo man will not remember you unless you make a strong impression or a dramatic impact on him.

Make this breakup or heartbreak your biggest inspiration to get back stronger and wiser! Show him that you are his equal and that you deserve the same respect you give him. Show him that you know your worth and what you truly deserve.

how to make leo man regret losing you 2

Your Leo man is also known for being friendly. He likes attention, and attention likes him. He has a lot of friends that give everyone the impression that he has a very active social life. Show him that you have an active social life too!

Go out and party and take lots of pictures! If he has blocked on social media, I assume his friends did not. Allow him to get the news to him – that you are absolutely living life without him.

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