5 Signs The No-Contact Rule Is Working

So, if you’re currently in the no contact phase, then here are five signs that the no contact rule is indeed working.
  • Your ex tries to get ahold of you.
  • Others start finding you attractive.
  • Your ex is more responsive after no contact.
  • Your ex is asking around about you.
  • Your ex begins sending you gifts.

5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working

5 Signs The No-Contact Rule Is Working

When considering the no-contact rule in the wake of a break-up, it is natural to wonder the kind of effect it’ll have on the man in the relationship. To understand that, you have to understand the no-contact rule male psychology. It is no secret that men and women are wired differently. Particularly when it comes to their approach to relationships and matters of the heart.

When a woman adopts the no-contact rule, the man begins to view the break-up as a mistake and starts second-guessing his decision. The absence of contact may make him long for his ex and push him to win her over again. That’s when the 5 signs the No Contact Rule is working begin to emerge.

Once you have severed all contact you will go through stages. First, there will be grief and anger. Then even if your ex tries to contact you, you will not respond and you will see your relationship from a different perspective. That’s when you will move on or if you still feel that your relationship is worth saving, you will get back together.

Stage 3 – Recovery: In the third and final stage of the no-contact rule, you will see some real signs of recovery and be able to think about yourself again. If throughout this journey, you have been wondering when does no contact start working, this is when your efforts will pay off.

It may take you a month or two before you’re ready to establish contact with an ex without being overwhelmed by emotional baggage. Or you may decide to get back together with them after a couple of months. Perhaps, the period of no contact will make you realize that you’re better off without their presence in your life.

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