5 Questions To Ask an Aquarius Man to Get Him Interested In You


1. Where Do You Usually Hang Out?

This is a very basic question, I have to admit it, but it will help you to get the attractive Aquarius guy open up to you in the very beginning stages of your communication. This question is easy, very safe in its nature; however, you should listen carefully to the answer because it will reveal many personal things about him.

Depending on his age and education, you will quickly decipher the usual habits of this Aquarius guy, his moral or ethical norms, his sense of fun and his social network, which will consequently describe clearly his own personality.

Just remember the birds of the feather flock together. If you both are in your younger age, then the answer “I like to hang out in those clubs and I love to travel there and do those kinds of things” can be satisfactory for you.

In this particular case, you will only have to decide are you able to mingle into his world without exhausting your own. There are so many Aquarius guys of today who are not alive when they are not traveling and since many of them are working remotely, this nomadic style is something which gives them the essential energy to live.

On the other side, for you as a woman, frequent moves, trains, and airplanes and all odd-looking hotels and hostels might get you tired and feeling homesick.

This is why it’s essential for you to ask. If he is not so young and his days consist of an endless club or beach parties, then you could be wasting your time, because he is clearly not interested in settling down anytime soon. In the end, it won’t be embarrassing for any of you two, because you’ve just asked the neutral question and if you didn’t like the answer, you moved on.

2. What Motivates You to Get up in the Morning?

With the answer to your first question, you have got the chance to know his life and his basic needs and rules. However, this second question will take you a little bit deeper into his soul, because he will be provoked to talk about his passion or purpose.

You will find out very soon everything you need to know about his desires and plans for the future and while he is talking about those subjects you could figure out very easily can you adapt to his life and can he serve the purposes you have established for your life.

3. What Is Your Biggest Dream?

Let’s just focus for a moment, because you need to be very careful when it comes to questions to ask an Aquarius man. You should direct him to open up about his dreams, not necessarily his goals. Many men, in general, have the goal to make millions, and then live this or that type of lifestyle. And if you keep insisting on finding out what are his goals, then your conversation might easily slip into an investigation mode or worse, he could label you like the gold digger or something similar.

This is why you should keep everything light and breezy, but at the same time, you should feel like a private investigator collecting just valuable information. Remember, you are the woman in this game.

He could have the best body, most beautiful eyes in the world or any other traits, but if his characteristics can’t serve you and your future, then you should try to find another guy with equally beautiful eyes, but some better life’s strategies.

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