5 common problems with the Moto X and how to fix them

The Moto X that was released last year took the smartphone world in a somewhat new direction, with a major OEM proving that you don’t have to win, or even be a part of, the specs race that dominates the Android world to have a great flagship device. Motorola managed to do that with some interesting customization options, and a slew of features on top of an otherwise stock-like OS that allowed for a fantastic software experience. That said, some users have faced some issues along the way, and today, we’ll be taking a look at some of these problems, and offering potential solutions to fix them. At the end of the article, there will also be some helpful how-to guides on performing a factory reset, soft reset, rebooting in Safe Mode, and clearing cache partition. Let’s take a look!

How to Fix Android Motorola Auto Restart Problem Without Deleting My Files

Problem #1 – Battery issues such as poor battery life or rapid drain

moto x keeps restarting

Battery life is always a concern, and it’s sometimes difficult for some users to get even a full day of use out of their smartphone. Others have also complained about unexplained and rapid battery drain, leaving them with just 1 or 2 hours of screen-on time.

Potential Solutions –

  • If you’re looking to extend your battery life, go to Settings – Battery and tap on Battery Saver and select Battery to optimize battery life. When you the battery drops to below 15%, using this mode will turn off Wi-Fi and 3G services, turn off background sync, and reduce brightness.
  • You can also help extend your battery life by turning off Auto-Brightness, and keeping brightness at a mid level. Also turning off Wi-Fi Always Scanning in the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings will also increase your battery life.
  • In case of a rapid and unexplained battery drain, an app may be the cause. To figure out if this is the case, reboot the device in Safe Mode and see if the issue still persists. If it doesn’t then an application is the reason behind this problem. To figure out which one, you can try uninstalling the most recent apps you’ve downloaded, or even start fresh by performing a Factory Reset and being careful about which apps you install. Guides to booting into Safe Mode, and how to perform a factory reset can be found below.
  • As you will lose all your data if you do a factory reset, before doing so, you can also try clearing the cache partition of the device. You can find the guide to doing so below.
  • moto x keeps restarting

    Motorola Assist is an extremely useful feature for hands-free communication and more while doing something like driving. But, users have faced some issues with the Motorola Assist not functioning properly, not reading texts, not recognizing commands, or freezing.

    Potential Solutions –

  • You can try to reset the Motorola Assist app by going into Settings – Apps, tap on Motorola Assist, and tap on clear data and clear cache. Repeat this action for Motorola Assist Engine, Motorola Assist Framework, and Motorola Assist Talk to Me.
  • A soft reset may do the trick. The guide on how to do a soft reset can be found below.
  • In more extreme cases, a factory reset may be required.
  • If you don’t use Motorola Assist much, a temporary workaround is to disable all the apps mentioned above, but this is obviously not the answer.
  • Motorola has promised a fix for issues with this feature, so make sure that you’re on the latest version of the software.
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