5 Clear Signs That an Aquarian Man Likes You (Are you His Crush?)

Aquarians love to learn about anything and everything, and they exhibit this love for learning by being incredibly fascinated by things that pique their curiosity. If he is showing extreme fascination whenever you are in his presence, then that is a sure sign that he likes you more than a friend.

How to Know An Aquarius Male Likes You. (3 Signs)

3. He nurtures a deep mental connection with you

Aquarian men are highly intelligent beings. He won’t be very enthusiastic about a relationship (romantic or otherwise) if there’s a lack of intellectual stimulation.

If you notice he wants to develop a closer and closer mental connection with you, it’s a sign that he values you and probably likes you.

Some signs that your Aquarian man wants to develop a deep mental connection between you:

  • He’s intensely curious about your mind. When the Aquarian man likes someone, he takes the initiative to figure out their mind. If he likes you, he will constantly be poking and prodding to see how your mind works and find out what kinds of things you’re interested in. He wants to know if you share a common intellectual ground. He’ll ask what books you’re reading, your favorite movies, etc.
  • He wants to teach you and give you advice. The Aquarian man is an avid pursuer of knowledge and wants to help the people important to him learn. He relishes playing the educator and reformer, especially with a person he fancies. For example, he might keep you up to date on current global events.
  • He talks about life purpose and vision with you. This man is a visionary and likes to talk big about the future and his part in it. If he likes you, he will want to ponder the future with you (both his and your own).
  • He respects your differing opinions. Aquarian men believe in equality in friendship and partnership. It’s a clear indicator that he likes you if he respects your differing views and promotes your individualistic thinking.
  • He wants to engage with your mind at all hours. If he’s super into you, he will want to keep talking to you about life and his existential ponderings even when you’re not around. He may text you or communicate with you in some fashion to support the mental juices flowing.
  • If you don’t have any noteworthy intellectual interests or don’t share other common interests with him, it would be a good idea to develop some if you are into this guy—much more on that in my course: How to Attract an Aquarius Man.

    Aquarian men are flirty, quirky, and playful by nature. But there’s a gap between his platonic flirting style (basically, just having fun) and his romantic flirting.

    You’ll see the following romantic flirting behaviors from your Aquarius man if he’s into you:

  • Over-the-top with flirtatious humor. He knows he’s charming. He knows he’s funny. So he will try to woo you with jokes that err on the flirtatious side. Maybe some sexual innuendo or otherwise blunt and crude humor meant to make you laugh (and maybe stir you up a bit).
  • He teases you voraciously. Aquarius men are like little schoolboys inside (don’t worry, he won’t be offended by that remark, he’d probably agree with a smirk). So expect school-yard antics when he’s into you. And what does a schoolboy do at recess when he likes you? Tease you like crazy.
  • He directs some shockingly crazy remark or joke at you out of the blue. He makes weird and zany jokes all the time. But you’ll notice more frequent ones that seemingly come out of nowhere and are directed at you. It might be a bold question about your personal life or any other joke or statement that’s meant to stir you up.
  • He shows off. He’s just a big kid who likes to be seen and appreciated for his zany individuality. If he’s into you, expect some goofy show-off behavior here and there.
  • He praises your inner and outer beauty. Aquarius men prize a strong mind and personality. Intelligence is one of his big aphrodisiacs. And if he’s feeling you, he will let you know. He’s also a guy and will get hooked on your physical beauty as well. Expect all kinds of flirtatious compliments if he likes you.
  • 5. He treats you differently in private than in public

    The Aquarian man acts differently in private regarding romance and sensitive emotions.

    Many partners of Aquarians had no clue at first that their goofy, fun Aquarian friend was into them until they finally had some alone time, and he changed right before their eyes.

    He’s one of the least PDA-loving signs, and if he likes you, will save his expressions of interest until you are alone together.

    If he is only interested in the friendship, he will act just about the same around you either way. But, if he likes you, you’ll probably notice him get a little shy or display in other ways that you’re affecting him. So take note when you are alone with him and then with a group.

    6. He opens up to you about his personal feelings & emotions

    It might not seem like it, but the Aquarius man hates the feeling of rejection.

    No, not in his day-to-day life. He’s pretty nonchalant and carefree in how he navigates daily life. That calm, relaxed demeanor he broadcasts is genuine.

    But he’s only able to be so carefree, aloof, and relaxed because he constantly intellectualizes and distances himself from his emotions.

    Your average Aquarian man isn’t that well acquainted with those actual sensations and feeling-tones known as emotions, and he doesn’t typically divulge personal information to others.

    When he opens his heart to someone, he feels intense vulnerability, and that’s where his fear of rejection comes up. He won’t open up like this often because he rarely feels enough trust and comfort with anyone or motivation to push that boundary. Intimacy and connection can freak him out and make him go a little neurotic.

    So if he’s opening up emotionally with you and sharing all the intimate details of his life, he sure as hell likes you.

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